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Rodiola rosea: Adapt and Overcome!


Delyan Slavov is one of the professional coaches in the sports club “BOIL” Varna. He works with world kickboxing champions and he was inspired to share his personal experience with VemoHerb dietary supplements:

Speaking of the training process: it is possible to be an amateur, a fan, a child, but still the age group is of great importance. In our sport, the professional athlete goes through different situations like hunger and thirst, mostly because it is necessary to get in a certain category and have to maintain or cut some weight. The effects of hunger and thirst lead to bad mood, reduced desire to train and when this is missing, the training process is not as good. That’s why we need products that help not only the physical but also the mental condition. When we get to the point where the athlete is hungry, thirsty and with muscle fever, no matter how hard we try to set him up to train, it is very difficult to really show 100% of his capacity. It is absolutely necessary to alleviate the mental fatigue, but there is no way to swing a magic wand in order to improve his condition. For such mental exhaustions we found a dietary supplement – VemoHerb Rhodiola Rosea – great adaptogen, helps boosting the body energy and facilitates the process of adaption to the external environment and lifestyle.

VemoHerb Rhodiola rosea

Vasil: That’s right! Rhodiola Rosea was discovered more than 50 years ago and was first used by astronauts. Russian astronauts have taken it to increase their physical and mental endurance during their travel to space.

Delyan: Even the astronauts took it …!

Vasil: Yes, because they were under incredible pressure and they had to be able to act sufficiently in any stressful situation.

Delyan: Another example, which again shows that stress is a bad advisor every time. You need to be able to overcome it. Yes, it is not very easy, knowing how many countless hours of training you have to go through to reach the medals, titles, successes.

Without these supplements which increase strength, endurance and improve mental health, many athletes cannot bear the stress equally. Some of them have very good physical abilities, but quite often do not sustain mentally. This problem occurs mainly in athletes who are exposed to hunger, thirst and active training. Without taking this type of adaptogen to improve this condition, it is not possible to undergo such burdens and deficiencies.

And the best thing is that VemoHerb has a variety of products such as VemoHerb Rhodiola Rosea, VemoHerb Ecdysterone, VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus, VemoHerb Armageddon, etc., which are absolutely natural and have Bulgarian origin.

Vasil: Yes, absolutely! VemoHerb dietary supplements are standardized to the highest levels of active ingredients providing the utmost results.

Delian: Some people will say, “Yes, but you can’t take a pill and wait for a miracle.”

Yes, that’s right, but if you use really high quality supplements, you will feel the effect in a few days. When we say “pills”, people associate them with health problems. But VemoHerb supplements are not! They are herbs combined in the right dose and in the right way. In a short period of time, 5 -10 days, if you measure your achievements, you will notice your improvement using these products.

What we actually feel right after the intake of the dietary supplements is their positive effect. Even more, in VEMO 99 Ltd the рrоduсtіоn рrосеѕѕ іѕ іn lіnе wіth аll nесеѕѕаrу rеgulаtоrу rеquіrеmеntѕ and the products undеrgо rеgulаr quаlіtу checks by numerous analytical laboratory methods. We are coaches in an elite sport club and we have the confidence that we use the best quality supplements on the market.

Vasil: You are number one boxing club in Bulgaria! That’s a fact.

Delian: We have proven that we can keep healthy our athletes and in good shape and not just overwork them. Our goal is not only to prepare the athletes to be ready for the ring battles, but also to help them to recover afterwards and not left them injured and torn.

The overtraining reflects on both physical and mental state of the athletes, so our main goal as coaches is the full recovery of the athletes. Accordingly, to support our goals we are looking for the best quality products-VemoHerb dietary supplements. After one match comes the second, third and then professional battles come, which is really stressful.

We have a lot of boxing matches each month. We simply cannot afford to use another product which is not high quality. When you find a supplement that really works, you stop searching!! You do not want to change it. You just increase the number of the products you use, products of the same quality-based brand. The products range of VemoHerb is very rich and varied. It is ехсерtіоnаl! The positive effect after the intake actually proves the quality of these beneficial supplements.

Vasil: Yes. The sport accomplishments of the athletes of your club are pretty clear evidence for the quality of our products. Your boxing club is number one in Bulgaria.

Delian: The official data shows it. Bulgarian Muay Thai and Kickboxing Confederation has a ranking where are scored the results of the athletes through the year. In this ranking the largest number of winners in various competitions and championships on regional and international level are the athletes of our kickboxing club. Moreover, for the last 3 years IN A ROW we are NUMBER ONE.

Vasil: This success speaks for itself!

Delian:  We are just starting, we have not reached our peak yet. We have new generations athletes to train. We have new ideas and sport development programs. Our strategies work only with the implementation of dietary supplements. That is why we are personally grateful to VemoHerb and congratulate you for the great products that you created based on herbal extracts from rare remedial plants with proven qualities. These dietary supplements are created for the customers and the products are much more than just impressive advertising. I can say that the sport achievements of our athletes and their champion’s titles are at least partly based on the products of VemoHerb. These supplements absolutely improve the athletes’ performance. So, our kickboxers beat their rivals on the ring.

Vasil: Thank you very much for the information that you share. It is essential for us to соmе uр with ѕоlutіоnѕ and new products that реrfесtlу fit the market nееdѕ. Products that will meet the specific needs and requests of the customers. The sport achievement of your kickboxing club has come as a great delight to all of us. We wish you the best of luck and every success in the future!

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