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Analytical comparison of Tribulus terrestris products

Analytical comparison of Tribulus terrestris products

Based on independent researches and findings on the phytochemistry of herbs with different origin, we have chosen the raw materials we use to be of selected origin only. Using a high quality herbal material, we manufacture our own branded extract of Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris to create the uniquely effective dietary supplement VemoHerb® Bulgarian Tribulus.

Here you can find 8 Tribulus products tested for protodioscin. The testing method used is nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

As seen in the laboratory reports, out of 8 tested products, 3 of them didn’t contain ANY protodioscin at all, 4 of them contain protodioscin between 1 and 4% and only VemoHerb® Bulgarian Tribulus contains protodioscin in effective quantity -above 30%.

As we do strive to back-up our claims as much as possible, there is another scientific study done by a very reputable organization that test the content of the active substances in the end user products based on Tribulus terrestris.

As it is shown on the table below, let’s compare VemoHerb® Bulgarian Tribulus against some of the most popular Tribulus based products on the market.

If you look into the RESULTS column “Content of furostanol saponins determined as protodioscin, %, in one capsule“, you will see results vary from 1% to 34,8%. The highest percentage of furostanol saponins – 34,8% is for VemoHerb with only a few other products coming closer to VemoHerb with just 8%. It looks like the biologically active phytochemicals (the ones do the “magic” so that there is a tangible effect) are in extremely small quantity (<8%) in most of the supplements. Were you satisfied with the effect from the last product you used? By the way, if you see its brand name in the report below, no wonder why?

It is obvious that you want the product with the highest content of active substance (the one that actually works).

You can see the analysis results yourself:

Comparative analysis of Tribulus terrestris based products

Comparative analysis of Tribulus terrestris based products


It shall be taken in consideration that in order to achieve the furostanol saponins content, in some products have been used low concentrated (low purified) extracts in big quantity (>800 mg per capsule). It has to be marked also that sometimes when herbal extracts contain a lot of impurities, this can lower the overall benefits of the product. In other words, even though those products have a definite content of furostanol saponins it does not mean they will have the same effect like the purified concentrated extract.

Most of the brands standardize their products at saponins, while VemoHerb is standardized at furostanol saponins determined as protodioscin.

This is a quite important note I would like to make, because the group of furostanol saponins determined as protodioscin is the actual active ingredient in the extract and is the tricky one to be extracted from the herb (mostly because it is present in sufficient amounts in the Bulgarian herb only).

From this report, as you can see the best Tribulus terrestris based product currently on the market, out of the compared ones, is VemoHerb® Bulgarian Tribulus.

There are a few important conclusions that we can make from this comparative analysis:

Most of the brands put enormously big amounts of Tribulus extract per capsule.

You are wondering why? Well, it is simple – when you use a product that is not actually working efficiently, you just add huuuge amounts of it, so that you have a tiny little bit of effect. And if you thing about it a bit more, you will probably conclude that these extracts are not only ineffective, but also not pure at all.

On the other hand, VemoHerb® Bulgarian Tribulus contains 200 mg of our unique extract per capsule, which is more than enough to provide for all of the benefits we claim for. Why? Because our extract does actually work, it is extremely pure, and the most concentrated one on the market, as seen in the comparison report.

To sum up, it is important that you are well informed about the supplements you take into your body.

At the end of the day, the important thing is that we can stay healthy, support our organism, and achieve our goals by taking pure natural products with well-proven effects.

We are highly focused on providing the best possible quality at competitive price. That's why we do not spend much on marketing as we rely on recommendations from our satisfied customers. If you like this model, we would be very grateful if now you recommend VemoHerb via your social network.