Product FAQs

Are the products gluten, GMO and allergen free?


Which of the products is more potent for sexual dysfunction as well as for strength and stamina for workouts?

The first choice for the purposes you need should be Bulgarian Tribulus. That herb positively influences potency and also helps for strength and muscle growth. There have been numerous studies that prove that. Even in nature, many animals, birds, bees, etc have greater potency (their families increase in numbers) when using that herb. Please take a look at that category of articles for more information. If you use regularly VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus, your potency gets better in time.
Meanwhile, you can try VemoHerb Men’s Formula just before sex. Both products contian dry extract from Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris which is well known for its muscle increase properties. Another thing to consider about low potency is that the problem is not physiological one, but on the level of what your mind is telling to your body, so you can try changing the way of thinking in general and transform your attitude, so that change happens everywhere in a positive direction. For better psyhological attitude towards life, you can try VemoHerb Rhodiola Rosea.

When to take herbal supplements – before or after meal?

Unlike synthetic drugs, our herbal supplements can be taken on empty stomach. It is even recommended for some herbs. For example, Vemoherb Ecdysterone can be taken before meal (30 min to 1 hour) for best results, and after workouts for recovery and before them for endurance. As a general rule, no dietary supplement is recommended to be taken on emtpy stomach because of possible irritation, if the stomach is sensitive. Of course, there are exceptions for different people. As it is strictly personal, one may try a definite supplement on empty stomach and if the effect is felt more tengible and your stomach doesn’t feel bad about it, you can continue consuming it in that way with no worries. One thing is for sure: Do not take herbal supplements with the meals (during eating) or right after a meal, when your stomach is still full! Sometimes the food you eat affects the supplement you are taking, so the supplement cannot work as expected. This happens because the fibers from the food may impair the absorption of the active substances contained in the supplement.
Best advice: Take harbal supplements in general, between the meals 2 hours before and 2 hours after main meals. Thus, the active substances do not have to compete with food, in order to be absorbed.
You can also check this article for more detailed information.

Why VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus underlines furostanol but not other saponins as well? There are 4-5 more saponins?

Throughout the past 30 years, since the first product based on Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract was developed in Bulgaria, its beneficial effects have been well proven. The very first product just like ours is aimed at furostanol saponins. The effect of the Bulgarian Tribulus is due to the synergic activity of a bouquet of furostanol saponins that it contains. The Tribulus terrestris herb with different origin contains different active substances. For example the Indian and Chinese herbs contain furostanol saponins only in the fruits and the quantity in general is much lower than in the Bulgarian herb. Due to the flooding of the market with cheap Tribulus extracts (that often claim to be with a genuine Bulgarian origin) nowadays the reputation of the Tribulus extract is a bit tarnished, since the mentioned extracts do not show the claimed effects. All the studies that prove the effects and benefits of the Tribulus terrestris herb are based on extracts from Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris. Our aim is to offer a product that is comparable with the First product – an effective product that will show visible results for the consumers. This is why we underline furostanol saponins, since other saponins do not have the same effect (if any) and we are not interested in them. For us they are only fillers which the manufacturers use for marketing tricks. We’ve seen many times written on the labels of Tribulus supplements “standardized to 90% saponins” – that means general or common saponins – such supplements are simply of no use for humans.