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VemoHerb®Muscle Kick – 100% natural muscle fuel backed by rock-solid science

Faster recovery of the body, active protein synthesis and more muscle mass*

VemoHerb Muscle Kick natural fuel

Better results, faster! Ain’t that what we all want after all that sweat and effort in the gym? A magic pill without harmful side effects serving this purpose hasn’t been invented yet. But then there are intense workouts and VemoHerb® Muscle Kick, which is exactly what we need: It took us over 2 years to […]

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The Inspiring Journey To Success – a champion in weightlifting improves his personal record with the help of VemoHerb® dietary supplements

Viktor Ostrovský: “I recommend VemoHerb® to everyone who wants to push their limits.”

Weightlifting champion for VemoHerb

Viktor Ostrovský: “I recommend VemoHerb® to everyone who wants to push their limits.” “Weightlifting doesn’t just require strength, as some people might think. Good technique, speed and a strong mind are also needed.” – V. Ostrovský We at VemoHerb® have always supported professional athletes in achieving their dreams and goals. In this article, we will […]

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Train hard and have better results with VemoHerb

What are Pre-Workout Products? What are they used for?

Pre-Workout Products   What are Pre-Workout Products? What are they used for? The products we offer are completely natural nutritional supplements on a herbal base. They are taken before training and help to properly adjust the organism before a strenuous workout thanks to their ability to release the necessary amount of energy in the body.* […]

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Let me share with you our first-hand experience with VemoHerb supplements.

If you’re a world class athlete determined to get the most of your workouts, it’s important to find the best performance supplements that are working for you. The usage of the right supplements will help you lower unwanted fat, gain muscle, support recovery after physical exhaustion and ultimately promote a healthier life. The good high-quality […]

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Rodiola rosea: Adapt and Overcome!

These supplements absolutely improve the athletes' performance.


Delyan Slavov is one of the professional coaches in the sports club “BOIL” Varna. He works with world kickboxing champions and he was inspired to share his personal experience with VemoHerb dietary supplements: Speaking of the training process: it is possible to be an amateur, a fan, a child, but still the age group is […]

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A comparative analysis shows the presence of bio-active substances in elite sports supplements like Bulgarian Tribulus and Ecdysterone! The results are pretty amazing!

Vasil Zlatev, manager of VemoHerb, explains why some products are much more beneficial than the others and presents a comparative analysis of the sports supplements.


The number of sports supplements available on the internet these days is remarkable. Apparently, every product aimed for athletes claims to make you run faster, hit harder or get jacked. The unfortunate truth is that most supplements fail to fulfil the overstated promises they make. That’s not to say all supplements are useless. When built […]

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A Vice-European Champion presents amazingly effective pre-workout supplement Armageddon

In our trainings we turn to VemoHerb, which has always been our partner.

Over the last few years, the pre-workout supplements have become as much popular among athletes as the proteins. But just like protein supplements and athletes not every pre-workout product is the same and not every pre-workout product is appropriate. Each one has different ingredients at different doses with different intended effects and may be suited […]

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A world champion’s review of VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus and Ecdysterone

Supplements are a great way to support the sport performance and the general health.*

Alexander Petrov is a World and European Kick-box Champion. The 28-year-old Alexander is a European champion in K1 style, in category up to 81 kg for 2017. He was two times world champion in amateur kickboxing, multiple national champion and medalist in international competitions. Alexander Petrov won the SFC  in category up to 84 kg […]

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First-hand professional experience with VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus – the real benefits proficiently explained.


VemoHerb_Bulgarian_Tribulus quality vs quantity

Mr Rob Regish is a personal coach in the USA, who has authored half a dozen books on the topic of physical culture, and have a keen interest in sports nutrition. Below you can see his professional opinion about our top-selling product VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus. GENESIS Over the past 25 years I’ve been using them, only […]

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First-hand experience with Guggulsterone

A detailed customer review of Gergan’s experience with VemoHerb Guggulsterone.

A detailed customer review of Gergan’s experience with VemoHerb Guggulsterone. “Basically, I’ve been keenly interested in food and herbal supplements for several years till now. An year ago I hadn’t heard about company VemoHerb, but I found on the net a few good reviews for your products and then I decided to try some. The […]