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How can we prevent the viral activity?

Prevent the viral: The history of medicine is long and at her base are herbs and plants that have healing properties. More and more people are returning to the treatment with herbal medicines, as herbs have proven over time their positive effects and benefits for overall human health. Western medicine is also strongly influenced by […]

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High quality is simple

Keep it as simple as possible, but not simpler! – A. Einstein Most of our products contain just one extract with defined purpose. You are free to combine them with other products as per your needs and desires. Our R&D team mixes the extracts with other ingredients only when we aim to achieve synergistic effect. Therefore, in our […]

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Does Turkesterone work?

Recently, there has been a lot of noise among athletes about “Turkesterone” and many athletes add it to their diet. What are the reasons for the great popularity of Turkesterone? What is the reason for its fame? In this article you will find everything you need to know about Turkesterone. What is Turkesterone? It is […]

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6 ways to improve your sleep

Because of the modern way of life, we are obliged to move on a schedule – in the morning we get up at a specific time, but in the evening, we neglect our sleep because of more interesting activities or other obligations. What we forget, however, is that in order to be healthy and productive […]

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Kidneys – the purification station of the human body

The kidneys are one of the most important organs. Suspension of their function is incompatible with life. That is why healthy kidneys are extremely important for our quality of life. Yet, their functioning is often disturbed by various factors and diseases.              In this article, we will learn in detail: about this organ, about […]

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Tight body with VemoHerb

You want to lose weight, to have a tight body for the summer? But how? You are in the right place.  Herbal supplements occupy one of the first places in the list of methods for weight loss as an aid not only for easier fat burning and more energy but also for a healthier lifestyle. […]

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The immune system – the protection of our body

Everyone knows, that the immune system plays an important role in protecting our body and health.  But do we have enough information about the defense of our organism and do we know how to take care of it? In this article, we will learn in detail about its structure, how it works, about the problem […]

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The Secret of the Goldenrod

                        What is Goldenrod?             Goldenrod – the magic herb for kidneys. This is a perennial herbaceous plant used for thousands of years, and its products are one of the most effective and safe for maintaining our health.  Its high quality is determined by the place and time of its collection – only the tops […]

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What are the consequences of sleep deprivation?


Sleep is vital for our normal functioning, but when we deprive our body of this pleasure, we are obliged to bear the consequences, which are a big obstacle, especially for athletes. Intensive training is important for achieving high results, but the most important component of the formula that leads to success is sleep. Let’s see […]

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What is the secret of chicory?


What is chicory? It is an edible, herbaceous plant, used as an addition to salads or cooked dishes. It can be taken also in the form of tea, coffee or a food supplement. Rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, chicory has several beneficial properties that improve overall health. What are the benefits of consuming chicory? […]

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Something special for the ladies – tight and feminine arms

tight and feminine arms

Most ladies strive for a slimmer waist, a tighter ass, more shaped thighs, but often leave arm training in the background. The truth is that we need to exercise all parts of our body equally. Besides, weak and tight arms look much more feminine and attractive. However, there is no lady that wants “bat arms”, […]

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Historical applications of St. John’s wort

ginkgo biloba applications

In the past, the ancient Greeks and Romans used St. John’s wort for depression, skin wounds and sciatica. They used the herb as talisman to cast out the evil spirits and demons. To this day, it is used by herbalists for the same ailments. The St. John’s wort is used for menstrual pains, gastrointestinal problems […]