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Benefits of the Ginkgo biloba plant

ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba has been said to improve brain function by facilitating blood circulation and providing protection against damage to the neurons. It can be used to improve the libido and erectile problems by balancing the hormone serotonin. In addition, it can help dilate the blood vessels and improve the blood supply to the genitals, which […]

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Unique applications of Geranium sanguineum


The herbal plant Geranium sanguineum has a large variety of beneficial effects, and can be used both for cosmetic and health purposes. It has been known for years, that the properties of this herb are due to its various active substances. The plant can be used in the form of essential oil, dried herbs for […]

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Health benefits of the remedial plant Geranium sanguineum


Remedial plants are characterized by their numerous beneficial compounds and essential oils, which have been used for promoting human health for centuries. One such plant is the Bloody Geranium, or Geranium sanguineum. Both its leaves and its roots have been shown to have numerous benefits for the overall health of the organism. The above-the-ground part […]

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Build Muscle with Plant-Based Food?


I doubt there is anyone left on the planet, who still thinks that you cannot have a muscular and strong body if you consume only plant-based meals. There are more and more examples, proving that vegan and vegetarian diet is not only good enough, but actually it is better than the meat-based diet. Many athletes […]

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Health benefits of Chicory

Cichory for health

Chicory is a woody, herbaceous plant that is of great importance for health. Being a good source of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients, its regular consumption is very beneficial to our health. Chicory has a slightly bitter taste, but is very helpful for digestive, kidney, heart problems, constipation and many other. Dietary supplement VemoHerb® Cichorium, […]

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First-hand professional experience with VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus – the real benefits proficiently explained.

VemoHerb_Bulgarian_Tribulus quality vs quantity

Mr Rob Regish is a personal coach in the USA, who has authored half a dozen books on the topic of physical culture, and have a keen interest in sports nutrition. Below you can see his professional opinion about our top-selling product VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus. GENESIS Over the past 25 years I’ve been using them, only […]

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Prof. Dr. Dieter Hesch – the proficient opinion about VemoHerb Ecdysterone

Ecdysterone,VemoHerb,bulks,training,weightlifting,German scientists,spinach,Leuzea carthamoides,extract

Prof. Dr. Dieter Hesch contacted us some time ago, eager for information about VemoHerb Ecdysterone. As the word is getting spread, more and more people get to realize how powerful this supplement is. Prof. Dr. Hesch is actively training professional, who guides other people to their dream healthy body. That is why he wanted to […]

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What are the best supplements to take when you want to build muscle mass?

If you exercise regularly, you most likely want to benefit the most out of it. One of the main goals people are trying to achieve in the gym is gaining more muscle mass and strength. This can happen via following an extremely healthy diet; however, you can help yourself a bit with a number of […]

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What is a good pre-workout booster made of?

In general, all pre-workout boosters are supposed to do the same job, so no matter the brand, they contain more or less the same ingredients. These usually include Creatine (for strength and power) or Caffeine (for energy). If you are looking for a product out of the ordinary, you have to seek a bit longer […]