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Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract – the benefits

As we do offer two grades of our Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extracts, standardized at either furostanol saponins, calculated as protodioscin (45% and 60%) – VemoHerb® PT, or at total saponins (80%) – VemoHerb® TS, the benefits that they bring are dependent on the active substances extracted.

Firstly, our most potent extract, standardized at furostanol saponins, determined as protodioscin – VemoHerb® PT, provide for the following benefits, when supplemented to humans:

  • Enhanced libido and potency.

The active substances extracted from the herb provide for higher luteinizing hormone (LH) levels in the body. This in turn leads to triggering ovulation (enhances potency) and progesterone and estrogen production in females (enhances the libido); and testosterone production in males (enhances the libido). The higher testosterone levels not only enhance male libido, but also provide for better spermatogenesis, i.e. the potency is improved. It helps to keep cortisol and estradiol levels within the optimal boundaries. It also benefits cases of infertility caused by the presence of antibodies against spermatozoa and risk of miscarriage.

  • Better overall health.

In males, the extract helps to strengthen the functions of the prostate and other endocrine glands, provides for better physical and emotional status and decreases the risks of certain types of cancer. It also provides for the normal cholesterol levels in the body and strengthens the blood vessels, thus having immune stimulating properties. In females, the extract can be used to overcome problems with the menopausal period, as the active substances regulate the hormonal balance in the body and help with the menstrual pains. Аnother reason why our extract is unique is that the furostanol saponins provide for the transformation of protodioscin into dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) – believed to slow down the ageing processes.

  • For athletes and bodybuilders.

As mentioned above, the extract provides for higher testosterone levels. This leads to the easier building of lean muscle mass, increased strength, enhanced energy, and improved protein effectiveness coefficient. As protein production in improved, this results in an increase of the abilities of the organism and endurance of the body in cases of physical and mental overwork. Also, it has instant refreshing and energizing effect. Least but not last, our extract provides for better fats metabolism, resulting in less fat accumulation, which is a crucial part of the fight with excess weight. Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is regarded as an appropriate and most powerful substitute to the anabolic steroids. It is included in bodybuilding programs within different recovery formulas for strength enhancement, lean muscle growth and net body weight gain. It is very suitable for athletes in the preparatory and the active period and in the period of recovering after physical exhaustion or recent diseases. Thus, the product is especially applicable for athletes and people who do sports for health and good shape.

Secondly, our Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract standardized at 80% total saponins – VemoHerb® TS – is a direct alternative to the Chinese and Indian extracts present on the market, providing for more budget solutions. Because of the different active ingredients targeted here (total saponins vs furostanol saponins), these extracts are mainly used as diuretics and for treatment of kidney stones. However, we can point out the difference in the phytochemistry of the Bulgarian herb, compared to the Chinese and Indian one, providing for the better overall effect of our extract. Furthermore, VemoHerb® TS does also contain 4-5% furostanol saponins, calculated as protodioscin, bringing some of the benefits of VemoHerb® PT. So, even though these extracts are far more budget ones, they are still genuine Bulgarian Tribulus extracts, which are several times more potent than any of the cheap Chinese or Indian extracts. VemoHerb® TS can be utilized for miscellaneous health issues like combating and curing liver and kidney problems, such as painful urination, kidney stones, and skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema, scabies, etc. It is important to note that even though VemoHerb® TS is more budget-friendly, it is still high quality product with significantly higher purity grade than the products of the competition.

We are highly focused on providing the best possible quality at competitive price. That's why we do not spend much on marketing as we rely on recommendations from our satisfied customers. If you like this model, we would be very grateful if now you recommend VemoHerb via your social network.
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