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4 simple steps to follow to take the most of VemoHerb

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The choice of dietary supplements is important for everyone, who wants to maintain good health status and physical condition of the body.

However, are we aware with the proper dosages and intakes of the dietary supplements?

Let us give you insight on when and how you can take your supplements, so that they are of greatest benefit for you. In case you are not quite sure if you supplement yourself correctly, please see the following lines, where we have summarized our long-year experience and numerous customer feedbacks on how to take VemoHerb supplements correctly.

The intake of quality dietary supplements in right dosages and right period of time for maximum efficiency is the most important, so that the results are real. The human organism works in 24-hour cycles. When you are sleeping, the cells in your organism are not, and they cannot exist without constant oxygen flow, nutrients and active substances. In that regard, you have to deviate your intake in daily equal periods and in maximum recommended doses, so that your organism is supplied with the valuable extracts at a constant pace.

Firstly: proper timing.

The most proper time for dietary supplement intake is in between meals. The main reason for this is the need for the dietary supplement to go through the stomach and be absorbed from the gut as quickly as possible, from where it enters the whole organism via the bloodstream. If you take your supplements with the meals, they may stay in the stomach too long, because of the long time for food digestion. Moreover, the active substances from the supplement will have to compete with the other nutritional substances from the meal, so that not all supplemented active ingredients will be absorbed. However, please note that this is dependent on the type of food and its quantity, the process of digestion may take a couple of hours. The situation is pretty much the same if you take the supplement right after the meal. On the other hand, there are people with very sensitive stomachs that can be irritated, if the supplement is taken on empty stomach. Some of the supplements on the market particularly state the best time for intake. If so, do not neglect it and follow the recommendations. In the other cases, when this information is not included on the label – you should follow the rule “Take it between the meals” in order to be on the safe side. If you do not feel the effect of the supplement, I suggest you to change the time of intake – after all, your body is the best teacher that you have – listen to it.

Secondly: distribution and accumulation.

Please note that bioactive ingredients are absorbed in the body at a specific rate and quantities, and in order for a herbal extract to actually work, it needs to be accumulated in the body. That is the reason why we have split the daily intake of all our dietary supplements. This allows for the specifically calculated amount of active substances to be taken, absorbed, accumulated, etc., at given intervals throughout the day. Please allow enough time for the active ingredients to be accumulated in your body, and then the results will come!

For example, our Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract is absorbed and active in the body for around 8 hours, and for that reason the body should be regularly given sufficient amounts, so that the active ingredients accumulate. If we take the 1200 mg extract once at a time (the maximum suggested daily dose), it is possible that the body will absorb only part of it, and the results will not be that good.

Thirdly: cycling.

For maximum effects, we recommend that our dietary supplements are taken regularly for an 8-week period, followed by 2-week break. The main reason for the pause is that the organism does not become resistant to any of the active substances in the supplements, so you always feel the great benefits from any of our herbal products. This 8-week intake and 2-week break can be repeated numerous times, without affecting your end results.

Last but not least, follow a healthy lifestyle!

Please note that dietary supplements are not miracles that work on their own. They only support your organism, and help you take good care of it. As for example, many people believe that taking a weight-loss supplement is the only thing needed in order to lose some weight, which is obviously a misconception – one must train and follow a light-food diet. That is valid for all other purposes you may buy dietary supplements. The aim should be accomplished in a holistic manner.

Please ensure that you do your best for your health, and let VemoHerb supplements support you!