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VemoHerb Ecdysterone – Comparative Analysis

Comparing VemoHerb® Ecdysterone to some of the most popular ecdysterone products.

Based on independent researches and findings on the phytochemistry of herbs with different origin, we have chosen the raw materials we use to be of selected origin only. Using a high-quality herbal material, we manufacture our own branded extract of Leuzea carthamoides to create the uniquely effective dietary supplement VemoHerb® Ecdysterone.

As we do strive to back-up our claims as much as possible, we present you an independent scientific study done by a very reputable organization that tests the content of the active substances at the end-user products.

Now let’s compare some of the most popular ecdysterone based products on the market with our own VemoHerb® Ecdysterone.

In order to compare products, we need to identify the criterium which to compare.

In the case of herbal dietary supplements, the most important quality criterium is the biologically active substance. The scientists from the published study have tested the supplements for presence of the substance β-ecdysone while we standardize our product based on β-ecdysterone. B-ecdysone is very specific group of β-ecdysterone and it’s much purer. This is an important note since every company standardizes their product differently and scientists compare them mostly based on 2-3 factors.

Now let’s take a look at the comparison of 4 different dietary supplements.

If you look into the result column “Content of β-ecdysone (HPLC), % (compared to the capsule content / the tablet content)” you will see that results vary from 2% to 11,8% and the highest percentage of β-ecdysone – 11,8% is for VemoHerb® Ecdysterone and no other product comes even close to that. You should also note the percentage of βecdysone in the used extract probably the most important part of the examination. The other brand that uses Leuzea carthamoides as well has only 4,9% while VemoHerb extract has 20,3%. Even when using the same plant our product still came ahead by a far. But why is that?

What makes our product unique is the high quality of the extract we use.

We have found that Leuzea carthamoides extract has some of the highest concentration of β-ecdysterone, and our product has over 95%. We have continuously perfected our production cycle and what you see before you, is the product of 20 years hard work and constant improvement. The results speak for themselves.

The other difference that makes VemoHerb® Ecdysterone a top choice, is the raw material used in its production. The herbs VemoHerb chooses are wild grown, meaning they grow in their natural environment. Wild grown herbs turn out to be stronger, with greater variety of active substances, which brings the actual benefits of them.

It is obvious that you want the product with the highest content of active substance and based on the results we can proudly say that our product is one of the best!

Medical University of Sofia, Department of medical chemistry and biochemistry 

LaboratoryAnalysis and synthesis of bioactive compounds

Sofia 1431, 2 Zdrave str.

Analysis of
dietary supplements containing ECDYSONE

TRADE NAMECountry of manufacturingManufacturerData according to
the label on the packaging
Weight of the capsule content per capsule / weight of one tablet
Content of
β-ecdysone (HPLC),
(compared to
the capsule content / the tablet)
Content of
β-ecdysone (HPLC)
in one capsule / tablet,
Content of
β-ecdysone (HPLC) in the used extract, %
(based on the obtained
results and the quantity of extract per capsule / tablet declared by the manufacturer
EcdysteroneLuxembourgPeakIngredients: 560 mg extract from Spinach extract (40%) & 560mg L-Leucine
Dose: 1-2 capsules per day
One capsule: 700 mg
Number of capsules in packaging: 120 pcs.

(20 capsules - 11560 mg)
Beta EcdysteroneGermanyWeiderIngredients:
500 mg extract from S pinach,
extract from Yams 250mg, Gamma
Oryzanol 250mg
1 2 capsules per day
One c
apsule 1170 mg
Number of capsules in packaging:
Batch №
40213 2
(20 capsules
20 000 mg)
with L Leucine
370 mg extract from
Rhaponticum (Leuzea) Carthamoides,
333mg L Leucine
3 capsules per day
capsule 863 mg
Number of capsules
in packaging: 120
Batch №
(20 capsules
14000 mg)
2.6%18.2 mg4.9%
BulgariaVEMO 99 LTDIngredients:
2 45 mg dry extract from
Leuzea carthamoides with content of 9 5 %
beta ecdysterone (by
2 4 capsules daily
Capsule content:
4 3 0 mg
Number of capsules in packaging:
Batch №
10 0 2 1 6 /050 3
(20 capsules
8600 mg)

The comparative analysis was made by HPLC method for the content of pure β-ecdysone.

Date: 05.05.2016                                                                                                                                                       /V. Lozanov/
Sofia, Bulgaria

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