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VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus – Proven Purity

VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus

VemoHerb is a brand of dietary supplements that has been on the market for more than 18 years already.

One of the main things that did allow us to build a strong customer network is that ever since our first product was developed, we did believe that what can make us stand out is our premium quality. Indeed, this is the reason why our customers keep on coming back to us – because they value the pure natural supplements that actually support them achieve their goals.

One of our main products that has actually always been in the core of our dietary supplements line is VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus. It is based on our proprietary manufactured extract of Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris. We can proudly say that we are currently one of the biggest manufacturers of Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract worldwide. This leads to quite a big responsibility for us, as we cannot afford to manufacture anything that is less than perfect.

In order for our customers to be sure that they do get the best quality product in terms of potency and purity, we regularly test VemoHerb dietary supplements for unwanted substances in independent laboratories.

One of the most important thing for us is that our customers get clean and pure product, as plenty of athletes rely on us for their professional preparation. In that regard, you can see below one of the most recent test results for steroidal substances that we received for VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus:

As you can see above, we do test for some of the most commonly found contamination steroid components: Anastrozole, Progesterone, Testosterone, Norandrosterone, etc., and the results for them are all negative.

In the last years there was a huge problem that a lot of manufacturers had to face. Quite a lot of Tribulus terrestris based products were found to be contaminated with unwanted steroidal substances. In fact, most of the manufacturers these days do not have the capacity and the ability to manufacture their own extracts and outsource them (from China or India for example). This then leads to lack in quality control and purity of the raw materials they use for their branded dietary supplements.

Happily, here comes VemoHerb, as we do provide for complete quality control throughout the whole manufacturing process of our herbal based dietary supplements.

It is a great advantage for us that we use wild grown Bulgarian herbs (i.e. no pesticides and other pollutants/contaminants at all) for our extracts, which we incorporate into your VemoHerb dietary supplements. This allows us to maintain complete technological and analytical control at every single manufacturing step – from the herb until the bottled end product – ensuring that every step is performed accordingly.

Also, there was recently another quite a big boom, because some Tribulus based products were found to somehow contain THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). It is believed that this compound was found in Tribulus terrestris extracts, because the raw herb was contaminated while being cultivated. We are pretty positive that no such contamination can be present in our extract, simply because we use wild grown herbs and we do quality tests at every manufacturing stage.

However, only because we want our customers to be satisfied and completely sure, we decide to back-up our claims by testing VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus for THC:

As you can see, we are again negative for that compound.

All of the above provides for our confidence and proves our claims that we do indeed manufacture one of the most concentrated and pure Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract currently on the market!