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Ecdysterone boosts sports performance – proven!


German scientists proved that Ecdysterone boosts sports performance.

Earlier this year – 16.05.2019 to be exact, a team of German scientists from Freie Universität Berlin published an article that has the potential to radically change the professional sports scene…

But before that, let`s rewind the tape a little…

During the height of the cold war in the USSR there was a lot of funding, directed specifically in developing new substances (natural or otherwise) that will boost the battlefield performance of any soldier in the Red Army. This is how a group of soviet scientists stumbled upon a simple plant from the far east – Rhaponicum carthaamoides, or most commonly known as Leuzea carthamoides or marral root. How these scientists came to know the plant is still subject to debate – some say it is due to the fact that north elk dig it up and eat it during mating season, others say it was used in traditional medicine for centuries to boost vitality, strength and resistance.

Anyhow, these scientists developed a highly concentrated extract that was highly effective in boosting physical strength in soldiers and allowed for harder and quicker training up of new troops. Naturally this information was kept very well-guarded. Later on, in the 80`s something remarkable happened – Russia`s Olympic weight lifting team crushed their opposition. Of course, there were a lot of rumours about some unknown special substance but nothing was proven…

Later on, after the fall of the USSR, the secret of Ecdysterone and its capabilities was finally out, however the herbal material for obtaining Ecdysterone was scarce and expensive, which generally slowed down research.

Fast forward a few decades to present day:

a team of German scientists secured funding from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in order to review the properties of Ecdysterone.

The german scientists gathered volunteer athletes to participate in a double-blind randomized study to test the effects of Ecdysterone during a ten-week strength training.

Knowing the long-history of Ecdysterone use, naturally a marginal performance increase was expected, but the results blew everyone`s wildest expectations:

A three-fold increase in muscle strength!!!

Professor Maria Parr of the Freie Universität Berlin went on record saying “We did not expect that!”

In addition, side effects were not noted by the researchers.

Finally, Popeye’s secret for super-power is completely and undeniably explained!

And the greater news is the study also showed NO side effects. Absolutely amazing!


Ecdysterones are active substances extracted from many plants, some of them are Leuzea carthamoides and Spinach.

Ecdysterone, extracted from Leuzea is the original development and it shows the typical properties for this extract: it can increase protein synthesis, muscle growth, strength and endurance. Тhe high-quality extract from Leuzea is more expensive to manufacture, however it is the original that provides for the complete set of beneficial effects of VemoHerb Ecdysterone. On the other hand there is the extract from Spinach, which is often used as a substitute because it is much cheaper and easier to obtain than the genuine Leuzea carthamoides, however being a different plant, the extracts from Spinach are different and hence cannot provide for the beneficial effects of the original extract form Leuzea. Because of this, extracts from spinach standardized to ecdysteroides are considered to be of lower quality with less beneficial effects, when compared to the original extract from Leuzea included in VemoHerb Ecdysterone.

All the while, in eastern Europe there is a dietary supplement on the market for more than ten years so far – VemoHerb Ecdysterone – an extraordinary dietary supplement with extraordinary effects.

VemoHerb Ecdysterone contains 245 mg per capsule of the original, military issue Leuzea carthamoides extract standardized to 95% beta-ecdysterone.

The original extract form Leuzea carthamoides also supports fast muscle growth, increased muscle strength, heightened reflexes and endurance. It is used as an adaptogen during increased workload and trainings. Phytoecdysteroids stimulate protein synthesis, glycogen synthesis and also help the natural synthesis of ATP and thus provide for the growth of skeletal muscles, increased reflexes, physical condition and endurance.

VemoHerb Ecdysterone is recommended for:

  • intense training and mental agility of athletes
  • helping with recovery due to exhaustion from exercise
  • supporting the stability of the body when tired
  • from workouts
  • muscle growth, strength and stamina


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