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Team Ramirez athletes – runners champs thanking VemoHerb

“Dear friends at VemoHerb,

Our young athletes (17-20 yo) in Team Ramirez (Norwegian National Team all of them), have used the supplements Able Male from Calibre Nutrition and Training BV and Ecdysterone, Rhodiola Rosea and EKA from VemoHerb for 10 weeks, and experience a remarkable performance in training and competition. These micro nutrients have become an important part of our everyday diet.

A big thank you for making high quality natural products that really work!

Best regards,

Fernando Ramirez Chief trainer
Robert Jacobsen Nutritionist Team Ramirez
Oslo, Norway”

VemoHerb is always happy to meet and work with people passionate about what they do, people with clear mind and vision about how the purposeful and determined man should act, people who care for the well being of the mankind. We like to be in touch with active people who do their best to accomplish their honorable goals. We are grateful when we partner and work with people to achieve their well-intentioned deeds!

Such VemoHerb’s best friend is the Norwegian nutritionist Robert Jacobsеn. He had formulated some really exceptional products based on herbal extracts. We, at VemoHerb deliver the most concentrated and pure extracts for his products as our mutual mission is to achieve the best possible results by natural means.

We’ve witnessed some of Robert’s ventures and admired his energy and passion to make the world better by educating people for a healthier lifestyle.

Robert is working closely with clinics for natural health, sports and donating organizations. Recently, his team has expanded with some strong, flying, decisive, do-or-die young athletes – we are honored to present on our pages the Fernando Ramirez Team!

Here is Josh and Simen after winning gold in the Norwegian Junior Championship. Our boys won 3 gold and 1 bronze. Most of them have only done this for 8 months.

Personal best times 2014 (as of 2 July)

Josh-Kevin Ramirez Talm 60m – 7,15 (Pb) 100m – 10,92 (PB) 200m – 22,13 (PB) 400m – 48,33(PB)

Sebastian Guillen 60m – 7,23 (PB)  100m – 11,04 (PB) 200m – 22,47 (PB) 400m – 50,89(PB)

Yobe J. Najar     60m – 7,03 (PB)  100m – 10,99 (PB)  200m – 23,14 (PB)

Samuel Nana Gyedu 60m – 7,10 (PB) 100m – 11,16 (YB)  200m – 22,54 (YB) 400m – 51,18(PB)

Simen Sigurdsen 60m – 7,06 (PB)  100m – 11,06 (YB)   200m – 21,74(PB)  400m – 48,61 (PB)

Snorre Gjertsen Barkbu (struggled with injuries) 60m – 7,67 (PB) 200m – 24,36 (PB) 400m – 56,22 (PB)

Mari Pippi Engesvoll 60m – 8,17 (PB)  100m – 12,95 (PB) 200m – 26,37 (PB)

Personal best times 2013 :  

60m – 7,43    100m – 11,33      200m – 22,63     400m – 49,92

Sebastian Guillen 60m – 7,40    100m – 11,24      200m –  22,65

Yobe J. Najar        60m – 7,32    100m – 11,34    200m -23,93

Samuel Nana Gyedu 60m – 7,17    100m – 11,08    200m – 22,32

Simen Sigurdsen       60m – 7,14    100m – 10,92    200m – 21,76    400m – 49,87

Snorre Gjertsen Barkbu 60m – 8,30    60m hurdle – 9,88    100m – 13,16    110m hurdle – 14,65    200m -24,90

Mari is in her first season. She is a former competitor in fitness and bodybuilding. Josh and Sebastian come from football, and have only trained in track and field for 9 months. PB = Personal best YB= Best time this year

These guys are future champions. The best of them are only 17-18 years old. Murielle is using the same products for three weeks. She has fantastic results during training. We have great expectations for her run in Lausanne tonight, and Paris in 3 days.

These 4 guys below won 4 x 400 m relay for their club IL Tjalve, in the national championship in Norway for junior athletes 31/5. Sebastian Guillen and Josh-Kevin Ramirez in Team Ramirez, to the right on the photo are trained by Fernando Ramirez, coach and CEO at Calibre Nutrition and Training, and they use Able Male and Vemo Herb supplements for workout and in their diet. They are training partners to Murielle Ahoure.

This is Oxandia Castillo – World Champion in Boxing and only 19 years old.

Let’s wish all these bright people lightning success on the way to the finish line of each of their dreams!