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Why Vegan Capsules

VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus

VemoHerb supplements now with innovative vegetarian capsules

People who use VemoHerb know that these supplements are one of the most effective and high quality herbal supplements available on the market.

We never compromise on quality.


The extracts we use for our dietary supplements VemoHerb are produced by us and we analyze each batch of raw materials to ensure high levels of active ingredients, at which the products work optimally.

In the field of dietary supplements, we are one of the best, because the quick profit and investing in costly and misleading ads are not our strategy.

We create really effective products and we are proud that we can contribute to improving the lifestyle of our customers.

We are proud of what we do and offer!

We are grateful to our loyal customers who believed in us the moment they bought their first bottle of VemoHerb… and now they enjoy the visible results of our highly effective supplements.
Anyone who has tried VemoHerb remains our regular customer.

VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus is now with innovative vegetarian capsules

The top product of the dietary supplements series VemoHerb is VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus. The extract is produced by a unique know-how technology enhanced for over 20 years. We promise to our customers not to change the production technology, since it has proved its high quality and effectiveness by the love and appreciation of our clients.

Following the trends in the packaging of food supplements, our package was changed back in 2013 when we started using new comfortable bottles, with wide bottleneck, a completely new design and label.

And because the main focus of our job is to satisfy ALL our customers’ needs, it is time to introduce the new capsules that we use to encapsulate our extracts: VCAPS Plus.

This is a new type of fully vegetarian capsule, approved by the community of vegetarians and vegans (Vegetarian Society), certified in Halal, Kosher, etc., free from GMO, it is approved for use in Organic products. The development of a new capsule of non-animal origin, which meets stringent international pharmaceutical standards, is a big challenge and has its price – vegetarian capsules are 3 times more expensive than gelatin based capsules!

Most of the nutritional supplements on the market today are sold in gelatin capsules. The gelatin is prepared by the hydrolysis of collagen extracted from animal connective tissue, mostly from the skin and bones of cattle and pigs. These capsules are good because of their rapid degradation in the body, but cannot be consumed by vegans, vegetarians, Muslims, Jews and others.

That is why we chose the best non-animal capsule for our supplements, created by a special manufacturing process that eliminates the addition of gelatin substances. Simplified approach gives a new dimension in efficiency: The unique simplicity of VCAPS Plus HPMC capsules, which contain only two main components (plant hypromellose (HPMC) and water) brings them an advantage in our selection.

Besides, VCAPS Plus HPMC capsules ensure rapid disintegration and release of the active substance in the body (3-4 minutes). And to make sure our customers know that the product is original VemoHerb, we put our logo on the cap.

We will keep on offering the premium quality our customers deserve!

Vcaps Plus:
Premier Vegetarian Solution for Health and Nutrition Globally

  • Accepted premium vegetarian capsule
  • Organic friendly – Suitable in EU for use with organic ingredients
  • Vegetarian – Approved by the “Vegetarian Society”
  • Kosher / Halal
  • Non-GMO

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