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Why the Furostanol saponins are better?

Trust the original! 

The effectiveness of any dietary supplement is due to its active ingredients. For the Bulgarian tribulus the most common bio-active substances are saponins. These saponins can be  FUROSTANOL (protodioscin) saponins or GENERAL (total) saponins.

Most of the pharmacological studies of the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris show that the furostanol saponins are responsible for many of the pharmacological activities of the plant such as sexual problems.* The furostanol saponins (and NOT the general/total ones) assist in preserving the strength, muscle tone & stamina.*

There is a big difference between the furostanol saponins determined as protodioscin, and the general (total) saponins which are common in the Chinese and Indian extracts. Unfortunately, most of the dietary supplements are based on general (total) saponins which do not have the desired effect.

We’ve seen many times written on the labels of Tribulus supplements “standardized to 90% saponins” – that means general or common saponins – such supplements are simply of no use for humans.

VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus more potent

The Chinese and Indian extracts with content of 60-90% saponins have flooded the market. There are even such falsely claiming that are Bulgarian extracts (coming from China?!). Just to make a comparison, such extracts have an actual content of about 3% according to the Bulgarian spectrophotometric assay which we are using for standardization.

We standardize VemoHerb Bulgarian tribulus extract at 60 % furostanol saponins determined as protodioscin.

According to lab tests, 60% furostanol saponins are more than 1800% general saponins!


So, you can see that VemoHerb® Bulgarian Tribulus is more than 20 times more potent than these extracts. That means lower effective dosages and no worthless ingredients. In other words, supposing that one really wants to achieve noticeable effect, they should use products standardized to furostanol saponins, not to total saponins.

It is very important to mention that VemoHerb extract is extremely purified (as it is standardized almost to 100%) meaning that the active ingredients will be easily assimilated.

VemoHerb Bulgarian tribulus extract has a specific working mechanism, based on interaction between protodioscin and the luteinizing hormone.* Regarding this relationship, it increases the secretion of sex hormones, improves protein synthesis and supports the capabilities of the organism and endurance of the body.*

The advantages of the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris are not restricted to just an anabolic plant that augments endurance.* This herb is very efficient in combating fatigue, lower energy levels, and also assists in stabilizing the nervous system, making it less susceptible to stress.* Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris positively influences the sexual drive, potency, menopausal period and supports the cardiovascular system.*

Throughout the past 30 years, since the first product based on Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract was developed in Bulgaria, its beneficial effects have been well proven. The very first product just like ours is aimed at furostanol saponins. The effect of the famous VemoHerb® Bulgarian Tribulus is due to the synergic activity of the bouquet of furostanol saponins that it contains.

VemoHerb® Bulgarian Tribulus is patented as  VemoHerb® Tribuscin establishing quality standard.

Trust the original! 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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