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The Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Tribulus_terrestris extract

“Supports muscle strength and growth, stimulates human sexuality and libido” – that statement is often read on the supplements with content of Tribulus terrestris extract. Do you want to know if that is true?

Tribulus terrestris herb has been commonly used in tradition medicine to energize, vitalize and improve sexual function and physical performance in men. Even the ancient Greeks have used it for increasing muscle mass and stimulating human sexuality and libido.

Not many know that this herb can be found only at few parts of the world (south USA, Mexico, Spain, India, China and Bulgaria) and it is indisputably proved that the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris is the most qualitative.

What is the reason however for the “magic” action of Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract?

Something very important, that is usually “missed”, is the fact that the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris phytochemistry is different from this of the herbs with another origin – because of the location, the unique climate and relief of the country, different parts of the plant that are used for obtaining the extract, different time of the year and the special way/method for gathering the herb. All this determines the distinction in pharmacological and physiological functions, as well as the priority of the Bulgarian drug over all the rest.

The Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract has the highest percentage of active substances.

It contains at least 45% furostanol saponins, while extracts of other origin (usually Chinese and Indian) contain not more than 15 – 20 % furostanols but the most ordinary concentration that is seen in the products on the market is about 4-5% furostanols (that fact in combination with the low quality saponins make these cheap products useless and with no effect on the human body). On the opposite, the specific furostanols of the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris have direct effect on the strength, muscle growth, lean body weight, sexual physiology, and the enormous “plus” (asset) is due to the fact that only it contains huge amounts of the steroid plant saponin protodioscin, which is almost or completely missing in Tribulus terrestris growing in the rest parts (regions) of the world. All this explains the distinction in the effects of the different origin Tribulus terrestris extracts.

Most products that are offered on the market at the moment contain Chinese and Indian origin extracts, which have low concentration of active substances and actually almost have no effect. That’s why for good results it’s recommended to use the high-concentrated, better Bulgarian products like dietary supplements series VemoHerb® – dry extract of Tribulus terrestris produced by Vemo – 99 Ltd and “Tribestan” produced by Sopharma.

In SPORTS, the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris plant extract  has the following applications:


1. For increasing the muscle mass and strength Since the Bulgarian extract of Tribulus terrestris does not affect the production and men sexual hormones balance, it is completely harmless and doesn’t have any secondary effects. That’s why it is extremely efficacious for athletes looking for safety way for muscle mass increasing. In this case it is recommended to take the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris for 8 weeks.

The recommended daily dosage is 10 – 15 mg/kg body weight, separated in three intakes.

For a 80 – 100 kg athlete the necessary dosage is 1000 – 1500 mg daily. After the 8 weeks intake it is good to have 4 weeks break and after it you may continue using the product. This 8-weeks intake, 4-weeks break cycle can be repeated constantly.

2. For recruiting after long-time intake of anabol steroids As it is known, the long-lasting 6, 8 or 12 weeks steroid cycles stop the natural testosterone production in athletes’ bodies, the testicles are decreasing and this causes men impotence. It is clear however that despite all the body-builders will always use anabol steroids and in these cases the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract is very useful. After the steroid cycle it is recommended to start Tribulus terrestris dry extract cycle. In this case is good to do the already described 8 weeks intake cycle, followed by the 4 weeks break too. Body-builders that have disturbs in the natural testosterone production may use the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris even during the steroid cycle.

The absence of any side effects allows the product to be used as a dietary supplement:

  • for supporting the general health status and physical endurance of the body.
  • in case of physical and mental fatigue.
  • for supporting the muscle strength, growth, mass.
  • for stimulating human sexuality and libido.

Тhe maximum daily dosage (1 – 1,2 g of genuine VemoHerb Tribulus) is recommended to be separated in three intakes.

Lorita Ilieva