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Sportsman’s diet plan – the key to high performance

It’s not a secret that the diet is of utmost importance for the athletes’ sports results. The best sports clubs are distinguished not only by the professional training of their competitors, but also by carefully developed diet regimes. Martial Arts Sports Club “Boil”, Varna, which has nominated world, European and Republican boxers and muay thai champions, is a good example of this. Delyan Slavov, the coach and veteran fighter of the club tells us about the preparation process of his fighters.

“Each fighter of Sports Club BOIL follows a training plan, according to the preparation’s program and the upcoming sports events. This training plan is always prepared individually for each competitor. We are a team but in the ring, the performance is individual. Everyone has his own strengths and this is why our coaching team carefully analyses and prepares each competitor individually. This plan sets the complete training process, preparation, active (competitive) and recovery periods for each fighter. In this plan, a key role takes the diet regime – also individual and according to the category and qualities of the competitor himself.


It is extremely important to select the best and top quality supplements set, for the substantial recovery and over-riding of each competitor’s fitness limit every day. In addition to providing extra protein (VeganPro), amino acids and vitamins, we use different products for increasing the strength, endurance, concentration* (VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus, VemoHerb Ecdysterone, VemoHerb Rhodiola Rosea) and of course – all the weight loss and fat burning enhancing products* (VemoHerb EKA, VemoHerb Yohimbe). We need not only products for the muscle groups, but also for feeding of tendons and ligaments.”*


It is very important for every kick boxer to get the right supplements manufactured by trusted and proven companies for maximum effect, as the effect would be clearly evident on the ring. When we prepare a diet plan for a fighter, we take full account of the metabolism, qualities and character of each individual competitor – we calculate calories, track the fighter`s body weight before and after each workout and everything is recorded in details and kept as an archive. Afterwards, the results are analysed and if needed, the diet regime is adjusted accordingly.


We do not apply standard diet plan, everything is being chosen individually, according to the purpose, situation and the sportsman. If one championship is for a whole week, and each day weighing is scheduled, (that means the weight should be the same for the whole 7 days period) – in that case the diet plan is made one way, and when we prepare for a professional match, when it is only one and correspondingly the weighing is only once, i.e. the day before the match, the case is completely different. Because of that, we prepare diet plan for the specific purpose. The intake of proteins, carbohydrates and fats is in strong balance and any deviation from the diet is strongly supervised and unacceptable.


As it is seen from the interview with the professional and Coach Delyan Slavov, the preparation of the sportsmen, who are reaching great success, both on the national and the international arena, is not an easy deal. Serious experience, hard work, succession, motivation, discipline and patience are required.

Evidence for the effective sports prioritization are the numerical prizes from world European and national competitions.

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