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VemoHerb launches new instant drink based on uniquely effective herb Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris

VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus Drink

It all started in 1999. In that year Vemo 99 Ltd was founded in Sofia, Bulgaria as a family-owned business. The company emerged in very turbulent times for the Bulgarian economy in the uncertain years of transition between two political systems (from communism to democracy).

The first idea of the company is production and development of standardized herbal extracts from rare Bulgarian  plants. Since in Bulgaria there is a plentiful variety of herbal material, it is a very perspective idea.

Currently, VEMO 99 Ltd is established as a Bulgarian manufacturer of high quality herbal and enzyme feed additives, dietary supplements and standardized herbal extracts based on rare botanical herbs. The company has a long-standing experience in research and development of multiple innovative products, empowered by Bulgaria’s plentiful natural variety of herbal plants.

By the year of 2015 VEMO 99 expanded its facilities several times. Because of the high demand of VemoHerb proprietary extracts, the manufacturing capacities of the extraction factory in Knezha are increased. New and bigger homogenizing and packing facility is built in Sofia. A new manufacturing base for our dietary supplements is launched.

As an example of our capabilities we have created a great new product.

It is an instant drink based on our famous Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris extract.

VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus Drink provides refreshing and energizing effect and increases energy during daily trainnings.*

VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus Drink also supports the strength, muscle growth, and sexuality; supports functions of the prostate, influences positively the menopausal period and cholesterol levels.*

We recommend it during physical and psychological exhaustion as well as during a hard day in the office and in any occasion you feel tired and want to “wake up”.

What is the exceptional about that product is the fact that we have managed to mask the natural bitterness of the herb with a wonderful blueberry flavor and natural sweeteners (stevia).

  • Because it is dissolved in water, it is more easily and quickly assimilated by the organism.
  • As a result, the effect of energizing and powering up is felt almost instantly once you drink it.*
  • And the best is that it is absolutely natural and healthy.

Some might ask why VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus is our strongest product and why we believe so much in the great potential of our new instant drink. It is because of the extract it is made of.

The extract of Tribulus terrestris manufactured by our company (VEMO 99 Ltd) is different from the other extracts, mainly with:

  • Using of top quality raw plant material, controlled according to the growing area, phase of the collecting, method of drying and storage.
  • Developing of unique know-how technology for the processing of the drug, which provides for high quantity of furostanol saponins with prevailing component Protodioscin. ·
  • Offering of refined herbal product with guaranteed constant quality, containing suitable combination of furostanol saponins and strictly controlled quantity of protodioscin in the general saponin fraction.

We will always strive to provide genuine products that show a real distinct effect which our clients deserve.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.