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A strong team is any organization’s most valuable asset.

Behind VemoHerb is the Team of scientific and marketing specialists, technologists and people who follow the brand’s mission – health and strength from nature with premium quality and maximum efficiency.

Hristo Zlatev General Director / VEMO founder

Hristo Zlatev

Hristo Zlatev, drawing from his extensive experience at Plastchim Ltd, co-founded VEMO 99 Ltd during Bulgaria’s economic upheaval.
Since 1996, VEMO has flourished under his leadership, becoming a symbol of sustainable growth in the global market.

Nina Zlateva

Nina Zlateva co-founded VEMO 99 Ltd during Bulgaria's economic challenges.
Since '96, VEMO has excelled, offering high-quality products tailored to customer needs. With Nina's leadership, we deliver exceptional solutions.

Nina Zlateva

Vasil Zlatev Manager VemoHerb

Vasil Zlatev

VASIL ZLATEV is the manager and co-owner of VEMO 99 and the food supplement brand VemoHerb®.
He graduated in Marketing at UNSS, Mathematics and Informatics at Sofia University, and specialized in Aviation Engineering.
In 2015, Vasil deviated from his career as an IT specialist and focused his efforts on the family business.
Vasil actively participates in all processes in VEMO 99 - production, commercial, marketing and technological. He himself does sport and goes to the gym, so the VemoHerb® Sports supplements are an indispensable part of his daily training.

Emil Zlatev

Emil Zlatev,  the manager and co-owner of VEMO 99 and the food supplement brand VemoHerb®,
is celebrated not only for his astute business acumen but also for his unwavering kindness, which resonates through his professional and personal endeavors.

Emil Zlatev Manager VemoHerb

Lorita Zlateva VemoHerb Marketing and Sales Manager

Lorita Zlateva

Lorita Zlateva, a math and tech enthusiast turned creative dynamo, joined VemoHerb in 2010, immersing herself in sales and marketing.
She embraces the job's daily challenges, conquering peaks—both professional and literal—with gusto.
When not scaling mountains or brainstorming marketing strategies, you'll find her bending into yoga poses, pedaling through the city, or decoding the mysteries of the Human Design system.

Iva Georgieva

Iva Georgieva is the Team Leader for International Marketing & Sales Services at VEMO99 Ltd, where she has spent over 5 years miraculously closing deals while leading the sales team to build bridges to international success.
With a dash of humor, a pinch of charisma, and a whole lot of determination, she is always ready to lead the team in conquering new horizons and reaching the pinnacle of success worldwide.
In her free time, you can find Iva dancing Bulgarian folk dances, reading books, and learning new languages just for fun.
She's our secret ingredient who can make international sales and marketing sound like a breeze.

Ivi site administrator photo

Vladislava Dragoeva QC Manager VemoHerb

Vladislava Dragoeva

Vladislava Dragoeva is QC Manager at VEMO 99 LTD.
She has been with the company for more than 10 years, step by step developing a better understanding of the inside of VEMO 99 LTD’s workings.
In these years, she has gone through international sales and marketing, purchasing, R&D assistance and quality control thus achieving a broad view of the more and more increasing requirements of both clients and legislative regulations on one side, and on the other - VEMO 99 LTD’s possibilities to answer them in stride.
She has experience managing the Integrated Quality and Safety Management System in the company and dealing with all kinds of certification bodies’ and competent authorities’ audits.

Lilia Nedeva

Lilia Nedeva is the Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Vemo 99 Ltd. Her days are a delightful mix of spreading our brand worldwide and ensuring the adequacy of sales-related equipment or material.
From orchestrating exports that span the globe to crafting captivating marketing materials and campaigns, all with a smile on her face!
When she is not at work, you can find her on adventure-filled walks with her fantastic kid and her furry sidekick.

Lilia Nedeva Marketing and Sales Coordinator VemoHerb

Deyana Zdravkova MArketing and Sales Coordinator VemoHerb

Deyana Zdravkova

Deyana Zdravkova is a Marketing and Sales Services Coordinator at VEMO 99 Ltd.
where she delivers exceptional customer support and drives international exports, contributing to the global success of the company.
She actively participates in the development of new marketing strategies and offers invaluable website support.
In her spare time, you'll find Deyana with her head buried in books; taking leisurely nature walks; and striking yoga poses like a Zen superhero.

Galina Dzhekova

Galina Dzhekova is a copywriter with many years of proven experience with creating content about natural products, dietary supplements and health.
You can find her on the weekends hiking somewhere outside the city, reading a book or listening to music.
For her, VemoHerb is a mission following her personal conviction in the products' quality and an aspiration to spread the word about it.

THE TEAM Galya Djekova Content Web Creator VemoHerb

Ana Dragoeva VemoHerb

Ana Dragoeva

Ana Dragoeva is a senior lab analyst in VEMO 99 LTD’s QC & R&D laboratory for more than 20 years.
She has broad experience in all analyses conducted in VEMO’s lab. She has participated in the development and validation of almost all of the analytical methods used in the laboratory.
On weekends, you can find her cooking, working in the garden, or playing with her pets.

Lubomira Denkova

Lubomira Denkova is а Laboratory Analyst at VEMO 99, where she has spent 5+ years maintaining product quality.
She has experience in research and development of various analytical methods and analyzing the obtained results. You can find her on weekends testing new culinary recipes and reading books.

Lubomira Denkova LAB VemoHerb

Denis Padzharov Chemical control operator VemoHerb

Denis Pandzharov

Denis Pandzharov is the maestro behind chemical processes, ensuring everything runs smoothly with his magic touch.
From monitoring equipment to analyzing data, he keeps things ticking in the chemical industry with a sprinkle of safety and precision.
Plus, he's also a wizard at making VemoHerb dietary supplements, turning ingredients into pure magic!

Albena Georgieva

Albena Georgieva, the Lab Analysis guru, brews up dietary supplements like a mad scientist! With her potions and concoctions, she turns everyday ingredients into powerful health elixirs that'll have you feeling like a superhero!

Albena Georgieva VemoHerb Lab Analysis

Anton Markov R&D VemoHerb

Anton Markov

Anton Markov is an expert chemical technologist at VEMO99, where he has recently started and is currently working in R&D and manufacturing optimizations, while delivering exceptional customer support and driving international exports. He has experience in manufacturing design, chemical R&D and regulatory affairs.
He enjoys riding motorcycles and watching movies with deep knowledge, of the Shrek mythology.

Ruben Dimchev

Ruben Dimchev is the newest addition to the VemoHerb® family, as a Marketing and Sales Consultant.
He is a recent graduate from the University of Manchester with a Masters in Biotechnology. Ruben is eager to work and expand his expertise in the business part of science, bringing a fresh, unique perspective to the team.
When not reading scientific papers, he likes to walk in nature and contemplate life, history and philosophy, whilst listening to music.

Ruben Dimchev R&D VemoHerb

Hristina Lab Analyst VemoHerb

Hristina Strinska-Vasileva

Hristina Strinska-Vasileva is Laboratory Analyst at VEMO 99.
With her 2+ years with VEMO 99 and her previous experience in scientific research she had participated in the development and integration of various analytical techniques and ensuring quality of the products.
In her free time, she prefers indoor activities, including arts and crafts.

Gloriya Gerginova

Gloriya Gerginova, the Tech Wizard at VEMO 99 LTD, weaves digital magic for seamless online experiences.
Off-duty, she's the Culinary Sorceress, blending tech-infused recipes. Еnthusiastic about learning, Gloriya dives into new technologies and programming languages.

Gloriya Gerginova VemoHerb