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  • Free gift with orders of VemoHerb dietary supplements
  • Free gift with orders of VemoHerb dietary supplements

ABOUT VEMOHERB – The leading manufacturer of Bulgarian Tribulus and Ecdysterone dietary supplement

VemoHerb is а standard for quality, honesty, transparency. We provide the highest quality, guaranteed by our production process and numerous analysis, we declare on the label only what is actually inside the box, and we do not hide behind labels claiming “proprietary blends” with not enough information for the client to know what they actually get. We are also proud of the high quality that we are able to provide for you. We offer you the strength and variety of nature, especially selected and refined to make the most of its beneficial effect. We always strive to meet our customers’ expectations, and our company policy is to put all our efforts into developing a strong, quality-based brand!

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Once upon a time there was an old herbalist, who had disciples.

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For about 20 years so far, we at VEMO 99 have been creating innovative and high quality products from the garden of Nature, allowing us to provide complete care for the people's healthy lifestyle.

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VemoHerb's core team is made of people who deeply believe that: Physical fitness and health is the natural state of the body; Health is a gift of nature, as are our dietary supplements.

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VemoHerb® series produced by VEMO 99 Ltd include biologically active dietary supplements. 

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If a tea is considered to be healing, imagine what а much stronger extract can do - standardized in a laboratory, concentrated in a capsule, formulated as a finished product by outstanding experts in the field.

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Apart from our highly experienced team and good technical base, we also enjoy Bulgaria's natural resources and its virgin clean regions, which are the main source of the herbs we use.

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We offer you the strength and variety of nature, especially selected and refined to make the most of its beneficial effect.

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Our dietary supplements are based on herbal extracts made of rare herbaceous plants with proven beneficial effects.

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High quality control

How can we prevent the viral activity?

Prevent the viral: The history of medicine is long and at her base are herbs and plants that have healing properties. More and more people are returning to the treatment with herbal medicines, as herbs have proven over time their positive effects and benefits for overall human health. Western medicine is also strongly influenced by this direction of herbs.

In this situation of difficult times, people seek decision and help by turning again to Mother Nature. Researches have been performed on the plants that would be useful in this case. What the results of botanical research show is that Artemisia annua is the best soldier in the army of herbs in the fight against COVID-19.

What do we know about Artemisia?

Common forms of Artemisia, also called wormwood, are Artemisia vulgaris and Artemisia annua. It is important to note that these are two different plants, although they are of the same genus.

What is the difference between them? Artemisia vulgaris is a moderately poisonous plant native to North Africa and Eurasia. Artemisia annua is called sweet wormwood and originates from Asia. They should be distinguished, as Artemisia annua is famous for its beneficial properties, unlike its cousin Artemisia vulgaris, which is its complete opposite.

The species belongs to the largest family of flowering plants Asteraceae. The plants enjoy a temperate climate and have a strong aroma. This is an annual plant that prefers sunny warm conditions and grows well at temperatures between 20oC and 25oC.

Studies have shown that the active substances derived from the herb Artemisia can be used in the treatment of glucose intolerance, HIV infections, pollen allergies, obesity, malaria and the treatment of certain cancers.

More recently, researchers have also begun to study the antiviral properties of Artemisia for the treatment of COVID-19.

Does it really work?

There are promising results for Artemisia as a means of combating the Coronavirus.

At the Southwestern College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona, researchers are testing 30 herbs to determine the effect they have on protecting against the virus. The researchers extracted the compounds using 70% ethanol solvent and identified the metabolite artemisinin from more than 600 secondary metabolites in Artemisia annua.

Dr Johanne Gerstel, a researcher at the Rick Scalzo Institute, commented on the results: "We know that there is activity that inhibits the growth of the virus. We have a new and broad compound that has this anticoronavirus family effect. "

According to an article in Natural Products Insider, the researchers first identified sweet wormwood as a candidate for the treatment of COVID-19 and then tested various ethanol extracts to identify those that showed a beneficial effect. Solvents were also tested for artemisinin metabolites that are effective against the virus.

Studies that show that artemisinin affects the SARS-CoV-2 virus and has a promising role in inhibiting viruses do not stop there. PubMed, NCBI, ResearchGate and Google Scholar have revealed that Artemisia has antiviral and immunostimulatory potential against COVID-19. Moreover, in some African countries, the plant extract is said to have helped in the fight with the symptoms of COVID-19 in the general population.

prevent the viral

Columbia University, the University of Washington, and Worcester Polytechnic have convinced themselves of their efforts and shown that Artemisia annua extract has antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2.

The researchers used extracts from four different continents, all of which showed antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2. The study, published in June 2021, found that Artemisia extract stopped the virus from replicating.

A curious fact to note is that the extracts have been tested on the virus multiplied in human cells. Although the extract does not seem to block the virus from entering the cell, actually it reduces the inflammatory response and blocks the infection after it enters. In addition, in this study, a sample extract from a dried leaf over 12 years of age was still effective.

What are the advantages of the plant? The plant has high levels of zinc, gallium and selenium. Zinc is known to stop virus replication in the cell; gallium reduces the forms of cytokines that increase the inflammatory response; and selenium regulates the concentration of CD4 lymphocytes.

However, it is important to note that Artemisia extract has given promising results in the treatment of COVID-19, reducing the potential for infection and the severity of the disease.

To date, researchers are still trying to determine the mechanism of action of artemisinin against the SARS-CoV-2. There is some evidence that it inhibits enzyme activity and stimulates adaptive immunity, which targets the virus and regulates proinflammatory cytokines.

What about the other properties of the Artemisia?

In the 70's of the last century, the first discoverers of Artemisia annua as a means of combating malaria were Chinese scientists. Currently, artemisinin is used only in combination with other antimalarial drugs to prevent potential resistance to monotherapy. Moreover, the reduction in malaria deaths over the last 15 years is thought to be due to an increase in artemisinin-based combination therapies.

In August 2021, the World Health Organization announced that it would test three new drugs for patients with severe COVID-19. The drugs approved in August are artesunate, a derivative of artemisinin, as well as imatinib for cancer treatment and inflimaxima for the immune system. Each of the drugs is approved for use in other health conditions. The drug is considered very safe and the therapeutic advisory group recommended artesunate because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

During the SARS epidemic in 2003. Artemisia Annua has been tested again. After the outbreak of SARS in 2003, researchers began evaluating the effectiveness of various Chinese herbs against the virus. Four extracts showed promise, including Artemisia annua. Long before COVID-19, researchers isolated a class of compounds in sweet wormwood that showed activity against cancer, schistosomiasis and malaria.

More recently, the plant has been found to be bioactive against certain viruses such as cytomegalovirus, hepatitis B and C and members of the herpes family, including herpes virus type 1 and Epstein-Barr. After demonstrating antiviral ability in the lab, the researchers moved on to testing sweet wormwood in human experiments.

Did you know, that…?

•          Extracts from Artemisia annua have shown antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2 in lab studies and are now inhuman clinical trials testing against COVID-19

•          Extracts from Artemisia have been studied as treatment for HIV infections, obesity, pollen allergies, glucoseintolerance and the treatment of some cancers; it has been a treatment for malaria for 30 years

•          The plant has high levels of zinc, gallium and selenium, all of which have known antiviral and anti-inflammatoryproperties. Extracts from Artemisia were also tested in 2003 after the SARS outbreak with positive outcome in the lab

•          In August 2021, the WHO included a derivative called artesunate in the next phase of the Solidarity trial testing drugs against COVID-19 but, to date, there is no definitive evidence that products from Artemisia are effective against COVID-19

VemoHerb Artemisia

Considering the current situation, we successfully developed a new product – VemoHerb Artemisia. Although we launched it recently, the product is gaining popularity very fast, because of its beneficial effects and great advantages. The dietary supplement supports the immune system and healthy lifestyle, helps blood circulation, supports the body’s liver function, promotes cellular repair and healthy aging. VemoHerb Artemisia is one of the best products with high quality and purity on the market nowadays, so if you choose it, you will never regret.

Train hard and have better results with VemoHerb

You want a tight and chiselled body? You spend a lot of time in the gym? Here you can find a wide range of suggestions to make your training easier, more intensive and long-lasting, as well as to achieve better results.

            Before each workout, we need to warm up our body, to stretch the muscles and tendons, to prepare them for work. In the same way, we must predispose our organism to more complete training. We prepare the muscles trough exercises, but how to prepare the organs? Pre-workout products come to rescue and to help the whole body to develop its full potential for better training.

            Here you will learn the most important information about these products:

  • what is their essence?
  • why and how to consume?
  • what are the benefits?

                   What are Pre-Workout Products? What are they used for?

            They are taken before training and help to properly adjust the organism before a strenuous workout thanks to their ability to release the necessary amount of energy in the body.

            If you are an active athlete, you will be satisfied with the amazing effect of the supplements, because they have a general stimulating effect and provide the necessary reserves of the body for a positive energy balance during even the heaviest loads. 

            The task of the Pre-Workout Products is to improve productivity, increase endurance and strength, as well as pump blood flow to working muscles, dilating blood vessels. The oxygen delivered by the blood all over the body is extremely important for the normal function of the muscles and tissues because in this way they are powered and strengthened and each cell receives enough amount of nutrients and energy, so they can work better at full speed.

            For real athletes who play sports every day and want to achieve more results these supplements are the perfect assistant that allows you:

  • to achieve higher levels of intensity;
  • to burn more fat;
  • to do more series and reiterations;
  • to build, not to lose muscle mass;
  • to increase the firmness and strength of the muscles;
  • to shorten and improve the recovery process;
  • to have intensive and long-lasting training.
  • to have strength for a cardio session.

You know the feeling, when you cannot find enough strength for a quality workout?  That is completely normal, especially when you work 8-10 hours. In the end of the day, we do not have the ability to focus on the training, because the physical exertion exhausts the muscles and the mental exertion reduces concentration. All that leads to unsatisfactory results. But how to improve the levels of energy and concentration? Herbal supplements are a good alternative!

            As these products are made only from natural ingredients, they are a safe and effective aid to support the organism. They can be used not only by athletes, but also by people who do not train, because the supplements have a beneficial effect on the concentration and attention retention.

            VemoHerb offers you a wide variety of products. You can choose the most suitable for you depending on the effect you are looking for.

                   Easier and faster fat burning

            For quality fat burning and weight loss, choose VemoHerb Eka that is a natural alternative of the combination Ephedrine, Caffeine, Acylpirine. It is a triple mixture of Caffeine anhydrous, dry extract from Citrus aurantium and dry extract from White Willow bark. It supports the process of fat burning in a natural way rising body temperature and increase energy and endurance of the organism.  It stimulates the body and activates it for intense training, activates also metabolism and promotes the burning of fat, not of muscle tissue.

                   Easier and faster muscle mass building

         For more endurance, faster reflexes and better sports condition choose VemoHerb Muscle Kick, it is a natural fuel for muscles and has a beneficial effect on the muscle mass building, increase of energy and strength. The intake of the product favours good physical and mental condition and helps to normalize hormonal balance.

            It also supports the production of nitrogen oxide that is involved in the process of building muscles along with the protein synthesis. It has also another visual advantage – the protrusion of the veins. It is responsible for their expansion, that helps to speed up muscle recovery.

                        To exceed your capabilities

            If you are a fan of challenges and want to do the impossible, then choose VemoHerb Armageddon. The powerful combination unlocks your maximum potential of energy, will and strength to exceed the limits of what is possible. You can already improve your own records and outdo yourself. More series, more achievements! This product combines with itself all the beneficial effects of nutritional supplements, supporting not only the power of the body but also its health.

The products we offer are completely natural nutritional supplements on an herbal base. The applications of the supplements are impressive and their effect can be noticed in short terms. If you choose VemoHerb, I strongly believe that you will never regret.

High quality is unique

We are unique manufacturer of supplements based on botanicals by the fact that we produce our own extracts used for our VemoHerb supplements. The herbs we use for our products are wild-grown in the clean and untouched areas of the low populated parts of Balkan Peninsula. The herbs are extracted into raw materials in our factory in the virgin countryside by a unique know-how technology developed and improved for about 20 years. Finally, you can congratulate yourself that you are on the web-page of a real manufacturer, because there are not so many dietary brands that can produce their own raw materials such as we do.

We are unique by the TOTAL control we have over every single detail along the manufacturing process. Most of the manufacturers are sourcing their raw materials from outside their organization. That means they do not see the complete picture of how this material is produced and what compromises are hidden. On the contrary, we manufacture our raw materials, therefore, we can (and we DO) control each step: we know the origin of the herbs, we analytically test the quality of the herb (that enables us to pick up only the best), then we double test the raw material (in order to standardize and guarantee constant high quality from batch to batch), and finally we test the end product not only in our own modern equipped laboratory but also in external labs when necessary, in order to guarantee the perfect quality of every product we place on the market (that enables us to offer Quality Certificates and also ensure that no unwanted substances are present in the products). Well, how many companies do that?

High quality is transparent

VemoHerb is а standard for quality, honesty, transparency. We provide the highest quality, guaranteed by our production process and numerous analysis, we declare on the label only what is actually inside the box, and we do not hide behind labels claiming “proprietary blends” with not enough information for the client to know what they actually get. We are also proud of the high quality that we are able to provide for you. As a proof to that, we reveal our secret recipe about how our famous Bulgarian Tribulus is made:


We are not afraid to disclose this information because it is not the Secret which is crucial – it is the Desire to create the quality products that is vital. And of course, there is the challenge – how to keep affordable prices while offering the best quality on the market? How to choose to invest in quality instead of costly advertising activities? It is simple. We trust in real things and our real customers and in their common sense and judgement. It is just how we do things and we do not take shortcuts.

Moreover, we try to supply our clients with as much information as possible, in order to be able to make the right choice and choose the best for the value of money they are willing to pay. Here is some information that may be useful while buying Dietary supplements:

If you take a look at a lot of products nowadays, you’ll most probably notice the term “proprietary blend” somewhere on the package. This is supposed to tell you that this “magical formula” which would bring you the unique results is so secret that no-other company shall understand the exact ingredients' doses. The real secret however, is that the only thing this “proprietary blend” sign hides is the fact how low and ineffective the doses of the ingredients applied in the product are.

However, VemoHerb is different, as we have nothing to hide. We are always proud of our premium quality in-house manufactured ingredients, perfectly matched synergistic formulas and the highest standards of all the applied active substances in every single product that we place on the market.

We are one of the very few companies in this business nowadays, which have completely closed the production cycle from the raw materials to the end customer product. We strongly believe this is the only way to achieve a complete quality control to the highest possible standards, and to always guarantee the very best for our clients!!!

When you choose us, you choose the best for yourself!

High quality is simple

Keep it as simple as possible, but not simpler! – A. Einstein

Most of our products contain just one extract with defined purpose. You are free to combine them with other products as per your needs and desires. Our R&D team mixes the extracts with other ingredients only when we aim to achieve synergistic effect. Therefore, in our formulas the active substances are used at the optimum dosage and in combination to enrich each others effectiveness.

High quality is professional

Most bodybuilding champs go for a career in the dietary supplements business and start their own brand. Have you asked yourself why is that so? It is not that they are specialists in the field, but it is just the only thing they can profit from, using their reputation. With my deepest respect and admirations to all those celebrities, as we have been working with many bodybuilding champs through the years, they are not the real specialists and scientists who are able to develop a premium quality product. I do not say they do not want to, but unfortunately the truth is that it is just beyond their control and professional expertise. Although they can probably adjust the best formula as they are specialists in which ingredients are working, they do not have control on the best raw materials, because they do not produce them themselves. They do not have the experience how to make the best phytochemical evaluation. This is a game for other professionals!

After all, they did become famous bodybuilding champions, using supplements of other brands – as their brand was created later on. Have you ever thought about it?

You must trust the real old names in this industry. Those are the real people who develop and set the trends in the right direction. The seasoned biochemists, experts and scientists who develop the new ingredients and provide them to the sportsmen.

The car racer, has not invented the car, right? The mechanic is the one who created and built the car! As much as the mechanic is not able to be as a racer as the champion, is the same as the racer cannot be as good mechanic! Both of them are just different professionals!!!

Only the few companies closing the production cycle from the very raw material to the end product are able to maintain the complete quality control in every particular stage of the production! Why?! Because they are the only ones who know how to do it from A-Z!

Just think about this whenever you purchase your next shiny supplement named on the next superstar, smiling back from the package!

High quality is cost effective

The closed production cycle, i.e. from raw materials to the finished goods, allows VEMO 99 to maintain complete analytical and technological control, as well as to minimize production costs. This ensures the highest possible quality for the customers and enables the company to offer fairly competitive prices for the worldwide market. VEMO 99 Ltd’s team has been able to create and establish products and brands aimed to improve the lifestyle and health of people thanks to its long-year efforts and investments in research and production.

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