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VemoHerb is а standard for quality, honesty, transparency. We provide the highest quality, guaranteed by our production process and numerous analysis, we declare on the label only what is actually inside the box, and we do not hide behind labels claiming “proprietary blends” with not enough information for the client to know what they actually get. We are also proud of the high quality that we are able to provide for you. We offer you the strength and variety of nature, especially selected and refined to make the most of its beneficial effect. We always strive to meet our customers’ expectations, and our company policy is to put all our efforts into developing a strong, quality-based brand!

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The Wisdom of Centuries Once upon a time there was an old herbalist, who had disciples.

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VemoHerb's team believes, acts and challenges everyday.

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VemoHerb's core team is made of people who deeply believe that: Physical fitness and health is the natural state of the body; Health is a gift of nature, as are our dietary supplements.

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VemoHerb® series produced by VEMO 99 Ltd include biologically active dietary supplements. 

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If a tea is considered to be healing, imagine what а much stronger extract can do - standardized in a laboratory, concentrated in a capsule, formulated as a finished product by outstanding experts in the field.

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Apart from our highly experienced team and good technical base, we also enjoy Bulgaria's natural resources and its virgin clean regions, which are the main source of the herbs we use.

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We offer you the strength and variety of nature, especially selected and refined to make the most of its beneficial effect.

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Our dietary supplements are based on herbal extracts made of rare herbaceous plants with proven beneficial effects.

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High quality control

VemoHerb Ecdysterone – Comparative Analysis

Comparing VemoHerb® Ecdysterone to some of the most popular ecdysterone products.

Based on independent researches and findings on the phytochemistry of herbs with different origin, we have chosen the raw materials we use to be of selected origin only. Using a high-quality herbal material, we manufacture our own branded extract of Leuzea carthamoides to create the uniquely effective dietary supplement VemoHerb® Ecdysterone. As we do strive to back-up our claims as much as possible, we present you an independent scientific study done by a very reputable organization that tests the content of the active substances at the end-user products. Now let’s compare some of the most popular ecdysterone based products on the market with our own VemoHerb® Ecdysterone.

In order to compare products, we need to identify the criterium which to compare.

In the case of herbal dietary supplements, the most important quality criterium is the biologically active substance. The scientists from the published study have tested the supplements for presence of the substance β-ecdysone while we standardize our product based on β-ecdysterone. B-ecdysone is very specific group of β-ecdysterone and it’s much purer. This is an important note since every company standardizes their product differently and scientists compare them mostly based on 2-3 factors.

Now let’s take a look at the comparison of 4 different dietary supplements.

If you look into the result column “Content of β-ecdysone (HPLC), % (compared to the capsule content / the tablet content)” you will see that results vary from 2% to 11,8% and the highest percentage of β-ecdysone – 11,8% is for VemoHerb® Ecdysterone and no other product comes even close to that. You should also note the percentage of β-ecdysone in the used extract probably the most important part of the examination. The other brand that uses Leuzea carthamoides as well has only 4,9% while VemoHerb extract has 20,3%. Even when using the same plant our product still came ahead by a far. But why is that?

What makes our product unique is the high quality of the extract we use.

We have found that Leuzea carthamoides extract has some of the highest concentration of β-ecdysterone, and our product has over 95%. We have continuously perfected our production cycle and what you see before you, is the product of 20 years hard work and constant improvement. The results speak for themselves. The other difference that makes VemoHerb® Ecdysterone a top choice, is the raw material used in its production. The herbs VemoHerb chooses are wild grown, meaning they grow in their natural environment. Wild grown herbs turn out to be stronger, with greater variety of active substances, which brings the actual benefits of them. It is obvious that you want the product with the highest content of active substance and based on the results we can proudly say that our product is one of the best!

Medical University of Sofia, Department of medical chemistry and biochemistry 

LaboratoryAnalysis and synthesis of bioactive compounds

Sofia 1431, 2 Zdrave str.

Analysis ofdietary supplements containing ECDYSONE [table id=12 /] Note: The comparative analysis was made by HPLC method for the content of pure β-ecdysone. Date: 05.05.2016                                                                                                                                                       /V. Lozanov/ Sofia, Bulgaria


Since remote past it has been widely known that herbs have a specific therapeutic effect, based on their antimicrobial and antioxidant activities, endocrine and immune stimulating and hormonal balancing properties.

Bulgaria is blessed with exceptional nature, which is very generous to us. There are more than 4100 higher plants (>700 remedial) and herbs growing in Bulgaria and the country is in 3rd place in the world in herbal diversity. These are our healing gold mines! One of our most famous herb is Tribulus terrestris. It is also native to warm temperate and tropical regions of the Old World in southern Europe, southern Asia, throughout Africa, and Australia. It can thrive even in desert climates and poor soil.

Our company Vemo 99 is a leading manufacturer in Bulgaria of the famous Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract. Our unique know how technology and production process were developed for more than 30 years. We always harvest our herbal material from the virgin, clean, idyllic rural regions. To tell you honestly, we believe that the pure natural product is the most organic as it can ever be! Most of the Chinese and Indian extracts are from cultivated herbs (not wild grown) which substantially lowers the effect of the herb and it even sometimes may not be beneficial due to the fertilizers and pesticides used. On the contrary, our extract is produced by wild grown herbs, which makes it fully organic and clean.

Something very essential is the fact that the phytochemistry of the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris is different compared to herbs with other origin. This is due to the specific geographic location, the unique climate and relief of the country, different parts of the plant that are used for obtaining the extract, different time of the year and the special method for gathering the herb. All this determines the distinct pharmacological and physiological effect of the genuine Bulgarian Tribulus extract over all the rest. The Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract has the highest percentage of active substances. Research shows that among the steroidal saponins present in this herb, furostanol saponins are isolated only from T. terrestris of Bulgarian origin.

We standardize our extract at 60 % furostanol saponins determined as protodioscin. Here are 3 major groups of plant chemicals (Phytochemicals) present in the Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris. The furostanol saponins – protodioscin, diosgenin and dioscin are accountable for assisting in rectifying the sexual dysfunction and also function as hormone balancer in women.

Our genuine Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris extract is obtained from the above-ground parts (called herba) of the plant and is utilized to combat impotence, infertility, and low libido in both men and women.

The 2nd group, Sterols assist in healthy prostate promotion.

Ultimately, the 3rd major group are the X steroidal saponins. These furostanol saponins assist the immune system to function in a better manner, exhibiting antibacterial and antiviral effects.

Please note that there is a big difference between the furostanol saponins determined as protodioscin, and the general saponins which are common in the Chinese and Indian extracts.

Just to make a comparison, the Chinese and Indian extracts with content of 60-90% saponins, which have flooded the market, (and there are even such falsely claiming that are Bulgarian extracts), have an actual content of not more than 4-5% according to the Bulgarian spectrophotometric assay which we are using, for standardization.

So, you can see that our product is more than 10 times more potent than these extracts and that reflects to the dosages at which it should be applied in the end customer products. In other words, this reflects at the price of the end-customer products supposing that one really wants to achieve noticeable effect by using that supplement. It is very important to be mentioned that our extract is extremely purified (as it is standardized almost to 100%) meaning that the active ingredients will be easily assimilated.

Most of the pharmacological studies of the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris show that the furostanol saponins are responsible for some of the pharmacological activities of the plant such as - sexual dysfunctions and sexual desire problems. They assist in preserving the strength, muscle tone & stamina.

Overall, Tribulus terrestris is a vital herb that increases low levels of testosterone leading to enhanced sexual drive. Though this health issue occurs normally in middle-aged people, now it is widely found even in the younger groups as they are exposed to enormous stress.

The advantages of the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris are not restricted to just an anabolic plant that augments endurance. This herb is very efficient in combating fatigue, lower energy levels, and also assists in stabilizing the nervous system, making it less susceptible to stress. Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris positively influences the menopausal period and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Our extract has a specific working mechanism, based on interaction between protodioscin and the luteinizing hormone. Regarding this relationship, it increases the secretion of sex hormones, improves protein synthesis and supports the capabilities of the organism and endurance of the body.

If you still have some doubts about the safety and effectiveness of the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris, you can observe its past record; this medicinal plant has helped many males and females to be relieved of libido & erectile dysfunction disorders. This plant has presented awesome results in terms of healthiness and increasing virility over the past few years. It has played a prominent role in improving testosterone levels in men, which has been major concern for a number of individuals at present. This natural herb also assists in curing other male disorders such as metabolic, cardiovascular and cognitive ones. Moreover, numerous bodybuilders and other athletes depend on this herb to attain exceptional results.

As a whole, Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris with the furostanol saponin cocktail active components helps combat erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders, thus allowing people to have sustained sex drive for a prolonged time.

Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract - the benefits

Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris is a remedial herb, which has unique benefits dependent on its active substances.

Firstly, our Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract, standardized at furostanol saponins, determined as protodioscin provide for the following benefits, when supplemented to humans:

  • Enhanced sexual desire.

The active substances extracted from the herb support the production of luteinizing hormone (LH) levels in the body. This in turn positively influences the secretion of sex hormones - progesterone and estrogen production in females (supports the libido); and testosterone production in males (supports the libido). The higher testosterone levels not only enhance sexual desire, but also support the spermatogenesis, naturally. It helps to maintain the cortisol and estradiol levels in body in optimal ranges.

  • Supports the overall health status.

In males, the extract supports the normal function of the prostate and other endocrine glands health, and positively influences the physical and psycho-emotional health. It also maintain the optimal cholesterol levels in the body and the blood vessels’ walls strong and flexible, thus assist the health of the immune system. In females, the extract helps with changes during menopause, as the active substances support the hormonal balance in the body and help with the menstrual pains. Аnother reason why our extract is unique is that the furostanol saponins provide for the transformation of protodioscin into dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), which is involved in the normal steroidal synthesis, by assisting the transformation of free cholesterol into sex hormones.

  • For athletes and bodybuilders.

As mentioned above, the extract supports the normal testosterone production. This leads to increase of muscle mass, strength, enhanced energy, and improved protein effectiveness coefficient. This helps the body’s abilities and endurance in cases of physical and mental overwork. Also, it has instant refreshing and energizing effect. Least but not last, our extract helps maintain normal metabolism, supports fat loss, which is a crucial part of the fight with excess weight. Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is believed to have anabolic character. It is included in bodybuilding programs within different recovery formulas for strength enhancement, lean muscle growth and net body weight gain. It is very suitable for athletes in the preparatory and the active period and in the period of recovering after physical exhaustion. Thus, the product is especially applicable for athletes and people who do sports for health and good shape

Secondly, it is important to point out the difference in the phytochemistry of the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris, compared to the Chinese and Indian one, providing for the better overall effect of our extract. So, Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris has the highest percentage of active substances and it is several times more potent than any of the cheap Chinese or Indian extracts.

High quality is unique

We are unique manufacturer of supplements based on botanicals by the fact that we produce our own extracts used for our VemoHerb supplements. The herbs we use for our products are wild-grown in the clean and untouched areas of the low populated parts of Balkan Peninsula. The herbs are extracted into raw materials in our factory in the virgin countryside by a unique know-how technology developed and improved for about 20 years. Finally, you can congratulate yourself that you are on the web-page of a real manufacturer, because there are not so many dietary brands that can produce their own raw materials such as we do.

We are unique by the TOTAL control we have over every single detail along the manufacturing process. Most of the manufacturers are sourcing their raw materials from outside their organization. That means they do not see the complete picture of how this material is produced and what compromises are hidden. On the contrary, we manufacture our raw materials, therefore, we can (and we DO) control each step: we know the origin of the herbs, we analytically test the quality of the herb (that enables us to pick up only the best), then we double test the raw material (in order to standardize and guarantee constant high quality from batch to batch), and finally we test the end product not only in our own modern equipped laboratory but also in external labs when necessary, in order to guarantee the perfect quality of every product we place on the market (that enables us to offer Quality Certificates and also ensure that no unwanted substances are present in the products). Well, how many companies do that?

High quality is transparent

VemoHerb is а standard for quality, honesty, transparency. We provide the highest quality, guaranteed by our production process and numerous analysis, we declare on the label only what is actually inside the box, and we do not hide behind labels claiming “proprietary blends” with not enough information for the client to know what they actually get. We are also proud of the high quality that we are able to provide for you. As a proof to that, we reveal our secret recipe about how our famous Bulgarian Tribulus is made:


We are not afraid to disclose this information because it is not the Secret which is crucial – it is the Desire to create the quality products that is vital. And of course, there is the challenge – how to keep affordable prices while offering the best quality on the market? How to choose to invest in quality instead of costly advertising activities? It is simple. We trust in real things and our real customers and in their common sense and judgement. It is just how we do things and we do not take shortcuts.

Moreover, we try to supply our clients with as much information as possible, in order to be able to make the right choice and choose the best for the value of money they are willing to pay. Here is some information that may be useful while buying Dietary supplements:

If you take a look at a lot of products nowadays, you’ll most probably notice the term “proprietary blend” somewhere on the package. This is supposed to tell you that this “magical formula” which would bring you the unique results is so secret that no-other company shall understand the exact ingredients' doses. The real secret however, is that the only thing this “proprietary blend” sign hides is the fact how low and ineffective the doses of the ingredients applied in the product are.

However, VemoHerb is different, as we have nothing to hide. We are always proud of our premium quality in-house manufactured ingredients, perfectly matched synergistic formulas and the highest standards of all the applied active substances in every single product that we place on the market.

We are one of the very few companies in this business nowadays, which have completely closed the production cycle from the raw materials to the end customer product. We strongly believe this is the only way to achieve a complete quality control to the highest possible standards, and to always guarantee the very best for our clients!!!

When you choose us, you choose the best for yourself!

High quality is simple

Keep it as simple as possible, but not simpler! – A. Einstein

Most of our products contain just one extract with defined purpose. You are free to combine them with other products as per your needs and desires. Our R&D team mixes the extracts with other ingredients only when we aim to achieve synergistic effect. Therefore, in our formulas the active substances are used at the optimum dosage and in combination to enrich each others effectiveness.

High quality is professional

Most bodybuilding champs go for a career in the dietary supplements business and start their own brand. Have you asked yourself why is that so? It is not that they are specialists in the field, but it is just the only thing they can profit from, using their reputation. With my deepest respect and admirations to all those celebrities, as we have been working with many bodybuilding champs through the years, they are not the real specialists and scientists who are able to develop a premium quality product. I do not say they do not want to, but unfortunately the truth is that it is just beyond their control and professional expertise. Although they can probably adjust the best formula as they are specialists in which ingredients are working, they do not have control on the best raw materials, because they do not produce them themselves. They do not have the experience how to make the best phytochemical evaluation. This is a game for other professionals!

After all, they did become famous bodybuilding champions, using supplements of other brands – as their brand was created later on. Have you ever thought about it?

You must trust the real old names in this industry. Those are the real people who develop and set the trends in the right direction. The seasoned biochemists, experts and scientists who develop the new ingredients and provide them to the sportsmen.

The car racer, has not invented the car, right? The mechanic is the one who created and built the car! As much as the mechanic is not able to be as a racer as the champion, is the same as the racer cannot be as good mechanic! Both of them are just different professionals!!!

Only the few companies closing the production cycle from the very raw material to the end product are able to maintain the complete quality control in every particular stage of the production! Why?! Because they are the only ones who know how to do it from A-Z!

Just think about this whenever you purchase your next shiny supplement named on the next superstar, smiling back from the package!

High quality is cost effective

The closed production cycle, i.e. from raw materials to the finished goods, allows VEMO 99 to maintain complete analytical and technological control, as well as to minimize production costs. This ensures the highest possible quality for the customers and enables the company to offer fairly competitive prices for the worldwide market. VEMO 99 Ltd’s team has been able to create and establish products and brands aimed to improve the lifestyle and health of people thanks to its long-year efforts and investments in research and production.

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Quality Certificates

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