VemoHerb Ecdysterone

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Stimulates protein synthesis*
Promotes fast muscle growth*
Positively influences the endurance, reflexes and physical condition of athletes*
It can be used as muscle building (anabolic) stimulant and adaptogen*
Increases protein synthesis, muscle growth, strength, endurance*
Improves muscular strength and stamina*

VemoHerb is used by champions
VemoHerb is recommended by coaches


Benefits EcdysteroneAmazing natural muscle support!

Stimulates protein synthesis*
Promotes fast muscle growth*
Positively influences the endurance, reflexes and physical condition of athletes*
It can be used as muscle building (anabolic) stimulant and adaptogen*
Increases protein synthesis, muscle growth, strength, endurance*
Improves muscular strength and stamina*

VemoHerb® Ecdysterone is recommended for:

Intense training and mental agility of athletes*
Helping with recovery due to exhaustion from exercise*
Supporting the stability of the body when tired from workouts*
Muscle growth, strength and stamina*





The product is a food supplement not a medical drug. The product is not a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. It is not recommended for pregnant, nursing women and children!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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40 reviews for VemoHerb Ecdysterone

  1. Andrei Katsenko

    Have to say that I am very happy with the effect of the product. Not only, because I have more strength in training, but what I’ve noticed is that my digestive system works even better now.

  2. J.H.

    I know this product and its effect. That’s why I keep buying it. I have more power during training. I will buy it again and recommend it.

  3. John MacPee

    I chose this 95% beta-ecdysterone VEMOHERB product, because I wanted to use it to build muscle mass.
    At first I was rather skeptical, but I have to say that it really convinced me!
    On training days, I take 3x capsules (weight 90kg) 45 minutes before training and you definitely notice something, the muscles are really stimulated. Likewise, it has a positive effect on my digestion.
    I have been taking it and I am convinced that the use in long term has a very positive effect on my body and I look forward to the results in the coming weeks.

  4. Robert Nassry

    I am very pleased as usual with your professionalism.
    Hopefully I can order again soon.

  5. Alexander

    I had tried Ecdysterone for 2 month cycle combined with VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus. The results that I achieved in and out of the gym аre as follow:
    +15 kilos on bench press, + 25 on deadlift, +20 kilos on back squat.
    During the cycle I felt my muscles full with energy, my capacity was increased with approx. 60% per set in every exercise! It was amazing how those completely naturally products can provide me full of effects.
    Оut of the gym I felt that I increased my appetite throughout the day. I sticked to high protein diet to getting full benefits of anabolic effect.
    After the cycle with this two beauties I gained 6 kg lean muscles which makes me very happy:)

    Deeply recommend that combo to everyone!

  6. Gergan

    For me, VemoHerb Ecdysterone is the most impressive product I’ve ever tried!

    Product on a global level! Since there are a lot of contradictory information about ecdysterone in the forums I couldn’t make up my mind which one to buy. Another reason for me to hesitate was because I had tried perhaps the most famous American product in the field – E- Bol Thermolife and there wasn’t ANY effect during the weeks I took it. (It was a good desicion of the company to discontinue the product so I am glad it is no loner sold!).

    From time to time I come upon articles in the internet and studies on multilateral beneficial effects and safety of ecdysterone at the same time, I finally decided to give that substance another chance by trying your product. Unlike your Guggulsterone, that product effect could’t be felt at the very beginning. At this point I just said to myself: “Another shit for which I gave my money away.”
    Apparently, however, the extract must be accumulated in the body.

    For me, this period lasted 3-4 days. Then it became very interesting. Because of my experience with the E -ball I strived to take the capsules on an empty stomach. Usually 4 capsules a day.
    The first thing I noticed after 3-4 th day was the increased libido.

    After a few days it goes fairly away.
    Simultaneously starts the irresistible hunger.

    Especially when you take the capsules on an empty stomach and then not eat anything. In this case, after half an hour the hunger literally hits you suddenly and with such force that you are not able to resist it. You just swallow food with extreme pleasure and a little bit of greed. I remember eating like that only as teenager when my body was growing. Now I’m 36 years old.
    And I see that if not all of it but definitely quite a decent amount of food goes in muscle mass.
    My arms and shoulders definitely enlarged. The muscles became rigid and dense.

    I did not accomplish that with any of the different types of creatine or protein supplements even with shock doses. Not with a bunch of other supplements! Moreover, I hardly trained during this period. If I trained properly, the results would be much more impressive. I just did not expect such an amazing effect! Your Beta-ecdysterone really enhances protein synthesis.
    Definitely affects sleep. Sleep becomes much deeper.

    I felt my body and head heavy as lead in the morning. Extremely difficult awakening. At least half an hour I had to get out of this sleep coma. Then there was no longer a problem. I mean, during the day I was not sleepy.
    Vascularity even at rest.

    As I said during this period I hardly trained and I didn’t take any nitrogen boosters, but the veins in my hands enlarged. I noticed my breathing became deeper and easier. As if my nostrils were more unclog and expanded.
    Another reason to try ecdysterone was an article that I read that it improves turgidity of the skin.

    I do not have any problem with the skin, but I lost over 20 kg in about a year from over 100 to under 80 and my eyes sunken and my face became a little haggard. So, during intake of VemoHerb Ecdysterone, I observed my skin along with everything else. It really has an effect! I saw it with my eyes. My relatives that I had not seen during this period were also impressed when we met. The skin on my face became more dense, and wrinkles around the eyes that appeared during my weight lost almost disappeared. And my whole face gained a healthy appearance. Probably the fact that I gained 2-3 kg during that period also played a role. Definitely beta-ecdysterone for me is a cosmetic product in a sense that improves protein synthesis not only in muscle but also in the skin.
    Very interesting and unexpected, however, was the impact on the psyche.

    It is not a coincidence that the Siberian reindeer eat this root before the breeding season when they have to fight each other for females. And not by chance was the use of Ecdysterone by the Russian military forces. This thing definitely makes you bold and aggressive. I researched a little and read one study that it affects dopamine in the brain. Probably that is one of the reasons for its effect besides the improving the levels of testosterone. This is somewhat enjoyable. My fear almost diminished. But on the other hand I become much more confrontational and impatient. And more prone to risk. For example, I felt that I was crossing the street in situations where previously I would waited for the cars to pass. Or, in a situation when previously I would be silent now I am replying very boldly or if I managed to resist, later I am full with anger that I surrendered. To some extent your mind works differently. Particularly with regard to the protection of “territory” and your own dignity. My tolerance for stimuli from the external environment and the people around me definitely declined one-two degrees so I could say things for which later I would be sorry.

    In general, it explained why Rhodiola rosea was given to the astronauts and Leuzea – to the soldiers in the Soviet Union. Both herbs are adaptogens and super neurostimulators. But cosmonaut who must execute orders from thousands of miles away without being able to directly control it and where the calm mind is the key – for them Leusea Carthamoides would be a little dangerous, though provides additional strength and durability. While Leusea herb is the right one for soldiers at the front and athletes.
    All my experiences that I am describing here happened within 3 weeks.

    I am not sure how long you, as manufacturers recommend to use VemoHerb Ecdysterone. I found programs in the net that vary from 10-20 days to two or three months. At the end of the third week I started to feel that the effect begins to decrease and increased the dose to 6-7 capsules. Then I decided that maybe my receptors are saturated and needed to take a break before I start a new cycle.
    That is from me. I congratulate you for the great product that you’ve created!

    I’m telling you that as someone who has tried not just one or two brands of supplements. This is one of the best working products that I’ve taken and put in its little pocket over 95% of the popular supplements marketed at the And if the effect is the same during my subsequent cycles with it, it will become a must.

    Popularise it and conquer internal and external markets! And I’m sure that women will love VemoHerb Ecydysterone due to the beautiful skin and improving of bone density. But you need to recommended it to be used with sports so to be able to build muscle mass out of the the food ones eat due to the irresistable hunger, and this aggression is to be used against the bars in the gym and not outside.

  7. normen

    there was article in a german magazin about Ecdysterone and I found your product the only one I could find which is vegan, I´m vegan so I ordered from you.

  8. Filip

    I’ve read about the german scientists study that proves the effect of ecdysterone in sport performance, that’s how I decided to buy it. I have tto say – felt the effect in 10 days, I am really happy

  9. Paul

    i rearly write reviews but this time I think your Ecdysterone deserves it. The effect is total. One has to try to know what I mean. I can’t imagine I haven’t use it till now. Such a miss! I’ve heard about it just recently when some reseraches in Germany proved its effect.

  10. N. D.

    Hi ,
    I’m trying VemoHerb Ecdysterone from 16 day right now and I thing It’s amazing.
    I’m 54 years old, 62 Kg (about 10% body fat) and I’m taking 3 caps a day 1 or 2 hour before main meals.
    I’m experiencing great result, I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect or not , but It’s work and I’m fine: better strength and muscle quality.

    My question is:
    Do you suggest to cycling the assumption ?
    I read about 21 day on and 7/10 day off.
    What do you suggest ?
    Thank you very much

    • Vemo 99

      VemoHerb dietary supplements, as an absolutely natural products, can be taken for an extended time period. For the best results, we recommend to take the supplement at cycles, introducing breaks in between. For optimal results we recommended 8 weeks intake and 2 weeks break and this cycle can be repeated continuously. The bioactive ingredients are absorbed in the body at a specific rate and quantities, and in order for a herbal extract to actually work, it needs to be accumulated in the body. That is the reason why we recommend 8 weeks intake and 2 weeks brake of all our dietary supplements. This allows for the specifically calculated amount of active substances to be taken, absorbed, accumulated in your body.

  11. Thomas

    I am a competitive cyclist aged > 40 years and have seen substantial benefits of VemoHerb Ecdysterone over (only) the last 6 weeks in my workouts (up 10 to 20%) – and this during winter season.
    I am now wondering if a combination with Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris, would still enhance performance values as the summer season starting soon?

    • Vemo 99

      We are delighted to hear that you had such a great experience with our VemoHerb Ecdysterone. We completely understand how rewarding it can feel when you see the results of the supplement so beneficial, and we are glad to hear that our product was able to accomplish that for you. Feedback like this helps us constantly improve our customer experiences by knowing what we are doing right and what we can work on.
      Please note that the combination of VemoHerb Ecdysterone and VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus has proven synergistic effect. VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus has been proven in scientific studies to naturally increase the amount of Testosterone precursors in the body.
      Generally, both of VemoHerb Ecdysterone and VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus, will bring you the following beneficial effects- they will increase energy during daily workouts, release the toxins from the body, accumulated during physical overworks, positively influence the endurance, reflexes, physical condition and increase protein synthesis, muscle growth and strength. You made a great suggestion, so we believe you will experience the positive effects of this combination.

  12. Nico Huttener

    Your bèta ecdysterone just works 200% better than everything else out here!

  13. T.Wells

    I just wanted to say thank you guys so much.. Currently at a 505lb deadlift for 5 reps, 295lbs for 3 reps bench, and a 425lb squat, all at a bodyweight of 175lbs… Ecdysterone is responsible I think! Thank you guys!


  14. R.R

    this stuff is good and of course most likely I will order again later…:)

  15. P. Dim

    I reach amazing results when I take VemoHerb Ecdysteronе! During my training I feel a huge effect on my strength, endurance, recovery and overall condition. A phenomenal product!

  16. Anonymous

    I have been using the product for a long time and I am very satisfied. Great results and effects!

  17. Roco k.

    More pump and stamina! I am taking 3 × 1 daily, I am 40 years, 80 kg. I combine Ecdysterone with VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus = 6200 mg daily.

  18. Anonymous

    This product seems to be helping me. I feel more strength and better endurance during training. I take 2 capsules daily. Thank you very much.

  19. Thea Vers

    The effect of VemoHerb Ecdysterone can be felt after a week.

  20. Tun Dem

    This product has a very beneficial effect on me. I somehow feel happier and more balanced than before. In addition, since taking it I have a strong desire for more and more training. I could really train all day. Conclusion: so far 5 stars.

  21. Мitch M

    I’ve been taking the pills for 2 weeks now and I’m seeing results! I combine them with other supplements such as Macca, L / Arginine, RHODIOLA ROSEA and estrogen blockers (herbal)

  22. John N.

    I know this product and its effects. That’s why I keep buying it. I have more power during training. I will buy it again and recommend it to others! 🙂

  23. Anonymous

    I have to say that I am very satisfied with the effect of the product. Not only do I have more strength while exercising, but what I’ve noticed is that my digestive system is now working even better.

  24. Th Sprafke

    VemoHerb Ecdysterone works for me and my best friend. Of course, it takes time, because it’s a natural supplement, not a chemical. You will notice the increase in strength after 2 to 3 weeks.

  25. Laender V.

    I’m always a bit skeptical about dietary supplements, but I also like to try things out that I don’t know. When I read about Ecdysterone I wanted to try. But which one? Then I ended up with this product because Ecdysterone is obtained from Leuzea Carthamoides, the so-called deer root. You should read the history and effects behind the deer root. Interesting.

    After taking these VemoHerb Ecdysterone capsules for a short time, I noticed that I was less exhausted during cardio and strength training than before. Especially with strength training, I managed to do more and longer exercise without feeling too strenuous as before.
    I also had the feeling, something I didn’t know before, that my recovery and regeneration phase was shortened after intensive training.

    Although skeptical, I was completely convinced by this product and I can only recommend it.

  26. Dieter H.

    Currently my experience with VemoHerb Ecdysterone is the following: Over 12 weeks I gained 1 kg muscle mass.

    My body data at the beginning:
    68 kg
    Fat around 11 %
    Muscle around 39.5 %

    Weight 68.2 kg
    Fat 8%
    Muscle mass 41.8 %

    Actually there is quite the improvement of my stats: I got more power and lost fat.

  27. T. Pej

    I take VemoHerb Ecdysterone in the mornings and evenings for about 3 months. I can feel that my strength and muscle mass have increased!

  28. R. Adomkienė

    Great product, I felt a lot of energy from using it!

  29. Ettore

    Really effective product, it increases endurance and the desire to train!

  30. Fernando Ramirez

    Dear friends at VemoHerb,

    Our young athletes (17-20 yo) in Team Ramirez (Norwegian National Team all of them), have used the supplements Able Male and Training BV and Ecdysterone, Rhodiola Rosea and EКA from VemoHerb for 10 weeks, and experience a remarkable performance in training and competition. These micro nutrients have become an important part of our everyday diet. A big thank you for making high quality natural products that really work!

    Best regards,
    Fernando Ramirez Chief trainer
    Robert Jacobsen Nutritionist Team Ramirez

    Oslo, Norway

  31. Tait Wells, Vegan Bodybuilder

    Not sure if you guys remember me! You guys wrote an article on me. Well, since then using your products, I have gained literally 30lbs of lean muscle!!! I’m a firm believer in you guys products, LOVE this company so much! Read more here!

  32. Alexandru (verified owner)

    Your Ecdysterone product is the best on the market, you should look into making Turkesterone extract, there’s nothing on the European market.

    • Vemo 99 (verified owner)

      Dear Alexandru,
      Thank you for your inquiry!

      We are very thankful for your great and optimistic feedback for VemoHerb Ecdysterone! It is actually our top product, which can be proven by the numerous reviews from our content customers on our website, too

      With regards to your offer about the Turkesterone extract, we will release it on the market soon! Subscribe to our newsletter so you do not miss it!


  33. Delyan Slavov (verified owner)

    The product Vemoherb Ecdysterone aroused serious interest in me as a professional coach at Sports Club “BOIL” for Kick Boxing and Muay Thai after a conversation with a friend of mine, who is also an athletics coach. He shared with me his opinion and revealed some of the results of his athletes and I was impressed by the strong influence and increased results after the use of Vemoherb Ecdysterone. Afterward, I have consulted with other people in our sport who have used VemoHerb Ecdysterone and with a person who sells your products. Not long after, we tried the product and I was very impressed by the instant difference in the results we got in a short time:
    • Increased endurance
    • Faster recovery between sets and rounds
    • Improving strength every day
    • More definite muscles
    • More functional muscles

  34. Delyan Slavov (verified owner)

    The wish of our sports club “BOIL” was to combine Vemoherb Ecdysterone with high-quality Bulgarian Tribulus, we know from experience that the best Tribulus is Bulgarian, and Vemoherb offer exactly this type of products – Bulgarian, with proven origin and the highest quality. The combination of Vemoherb Ecdysterone and Vemoherb Bulgarian Tribulus is amazing, an absolute boost in every respect – more endurance, a much higher level of strength, respectively much better results in all tests, great presence, and performance in the ring. The power of the punch, the speed of the performance, the confidence during the round, the presence of the competitor during the fight – all this is improved, but not only improved but quite increased and only after the third or fourth day of Vemoherb Ecdysterone and Vemoherb Bulgarian Tribulus intake. The difference is felt not only by us as coaches, but also by the boxers themselves in training, weight loss, and so on. This is a combination that I can recommend for any sport, not just kickboxing, to any athlete who needs strength, endurance, fat reduction, fast protein synthesis and defined muscles, physical and mental resilience – these are the products which you need. I personally will not replace this combination with anything else, we have a proven effect with achieved results and we have no reason to look for another product or another manufacturer – who runs away from the best, for me and for the athletes of the sports club “BOIL” these are the products of Vemoherb.

  35. Hristo V, (verified owner)

    Hello VemoHerb,
    Thanks for the quick response and information about VemoHerb Ecdysterone! I read very good reviews for your products! I am glad that a Bulgarian company produces such quality products.

  36. L. Kogan (verified owner)

    I wanted to update you that I, my gym partner, and one of our trainers, all of us feel great so far. Seems like our body is always “pumped” and looking better, usually, I had to lift some weights to feel good about my look and in the last few days, I always look good.
    Also, some of us feel increased sexual desire.

  37. Christian Strömberg (verified owner)

    Hey! I just collected my package from u guys yesterday.
    Thank you for your patience and the nice product. I’ll be a returning customer in the future for sure.
    Excellent support from you guys, thank you.

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