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Actually Effective!

This is VemoHerb – high quality dietary supplements

This is our story of success, proving why our strategy is the best strategy – to deliver only the best possible quality! Instead of spending much on advertising, we invest in high quality products that are better than expectations and yet – at a competitive price. Thus our brand is really popular – because our satisfied customers are the best advert we enjoy.

We want you to understand the purpose of our products is to actually work and deliver results for you! And how we do it?

How can we guarantee the best results at a fair price?

Because we have it all here:

  • the herbs we use as raw materials for VemoHerb supplements grow here in Bulgaria;
  • we have our own extraction plant for the extracts we gain from the herbs;
  • then our lab specialists test the products with highly scientific analytical methods and tools;
  • we encapsulate the extracts and pack the end-customer production on our own with care and perfection


And trust me – there are not so many companies in the world that can do that – to close the production cycle from the wild herb to the end product, while maintaining complete control and analytical technology, and minimizing production costs, thus ensuring the highest possible quality for the customers at fairly competitive prices.

So, let me tell you our story of success. 

VEMO 99 Ltd is located in Bulgaria – a virgin, clean country in Eastern Europe with absolutely unique climate and geography. Bulgaria is blessed with exceptional nature which is very generous to us. There are more than 4100 higher plants and herbs (more than 700 remedial) growing in Bulgaria and the country is 3rd in the world in herbal diversity. These are our healing gold mines!

For example, the Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris grows here – its phytochemistry is totally different from the plants growing elsewhere in the World. And all the benefits proven in scientific reports for that herb – well, these are done with Bulgarian Tribulus raw material.

VEMO 99 Ltd relies on its excellently trained staff and seasoned consultants. Combined with the closed production cycle, we guarantee the research, development, production and control of every stage.

VEMO 99 is a highly customer-focused organization and our commitment to quality and perfection is second-to-none. Our mission is to continually develop and offer high quality products and premium services. Customers are the most important part of our business and their evaluation is our guiding light.

We will keep on offering our clients the premium quality they deserve!