Quality & Guarantee Policy

We guarantee 100% quality of each product = 100% money back guarantee

The closure of the production cycle, i.e. from the extraction process to the finished goods, allows us to implement complete analytical and technological control, and to minimize the production costs of our products. Thus, we ensure the highest possible quality for our customers and offer fairly competitive prices for the worldwide market. Quality is the cornerstone of our mission. While we are trying to offer competitive products, we strive to provide you with the best possible quality. We can provide on demand certificates of analysis for each product to prove the contents of the active substances declared on the label are present in the supplement.

R&D, Quality Control

VEMO 99 Ltd relies on perfectly trained biochemists and seasoned consultants with long-standing experience, who are in charge of the R&D activities. The laboratory keeps all necessary equipment for all analytical characteristics determined from the indicators, standards and analytical methods embedded in the Company documentation, which are required for the full characterization of the raw materials and the final products.


VEMO 99 Ltd relies on its excellently trained experts and seasoned consultants. Combined with the closed production cycle, they guarantee the research, development, production and control of every stage.

Global Level Quality Control

VEMO 99 Ltd’s production process is in line with all regulatory requirements. Our products have been registered and approved in compliance with the regulations in each individual state. The company undergoes regular inspections by the respective government and certification authorities and strives to meet global level quality standards.


VEMO 99 Ltd is an ISO 9001-2015; ISO 22002-1:2011; HACCP; GMP; GMP+; KOSHER; and HALAL certified company. For more information about the manufacturing company Vemo 99 Ltd, please visit our main website.

Return Policy

Regarding our return policy, you can read more here.