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Why VemoHerb Tribulus?

Why VemoHerb Tribulus?

3 reasons to choose Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris & 3 reasons to choose Bulgarian Tribulus from VemoHerb

One of the many things that Bulgaria is famous for is the rich diversity of healing herbs, most of which are quite unique due to the specific climate and geographic location. I believe that you have probably heard that Bulgaria has the best Tribulus terrestris herb in the world, right? Well, this is a fact that was proven by numerous independent scientists all over the world. In case you wish to supplement your body with the best Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract, congratulations, you have come to the right place! So, let me give you some further details about the scientific background of the Bulgarian Tribulus benefits active compounds.

Tribulus terrestris is a really outstanding herb, as it has so many benefits for the human body, that we cannot even state them all. It has a rich bouquet of active ingredients. Bulgarian tribulus supplementation supports the natural production of sex hormones, work on testosterone production levels in men, support the hormonal balance with no side effects, support prostate health and erectile dysfunction, enhance your libido levels, enhance the energy, help the body rid itself of toxins formed during physical stress, support fat loss and increase muscle strength and growth, etc.*

3 reasons to choose Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris

The herb Tribulus terrestris naturally grows in Southern Europe and some parts of Asia. Most studies that show the above-mentioned benefits are made with Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract. Why? Because:

  1. The furostanol saponin protodioscin is isolated from Tribulus terrestris of Bulgarian origin in highest amounts compared to samples of herbs with other origin.[1]
  2. According to a very thorough investigation of Tomova and co-workers it (protodioscin) is the main component of samples from Bulgaria.[2]
  3. Different extracts of Tribulus terrestris from Bulgaria, India and China were compared by HPLC-ELSD.[3] The results showed large variations not only in the content, but also in the saponin composition depending on the geographical region.[1]

So, the bottom line here is that science has concluded that Bulgaria does actually have the best Tribulus terrestris herb – we do have better saponin composition in the herb and we do have the highest amount of the furostanol saponin protodioscin, compared to foreign herbs. And we (VEMO 99) have the advantage to use that precious Bulgarian herbal material, in order to manufacture one of the most purified and concentrated extracts currently on the market – the Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris extract. Then we incorporate this unique extract in our own brand of dietary supplements – VemoHerb®.

3 reasons to choose Bulgarian Tribulus from VemoHerb

Moreover, the extract VemoHerb® Bulgarian Tribulus of VEMO 99 Ltd is different from the rest of the extracts mainly by:

  1. Using top-quality wild-grown herb, gathered at a specific phase of growth in ecologically clean regions. The herb is dried and stored according to all technological requirements to guarantee preservation and maximum content of its active substances.
  2. Unique know-how technology for obtaining potent herbal extract from the plant raw material that provides 60% furostanol saponins with prevailing component protodioscin.
  3. Offering a refined herbal product with guaranteed constant quality, containing suitable combination of furostonol saponins for our clients.


For comparison study between VemoHerb and other popular brands, please read the article Analytical comparison of Tribulus terrestris products.


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