Video Reviews

A world champion’s review of VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus and Ecdysterone
VemoHerb Ecdysterone and Tribulus – quality and efficiency.
A pro coach review.
Why pre-training supplements actually help a lot? The trainer of а world-class champions’ boxing club explains in this short interview

A comparative analysis shows the presence of bio-active substances in elite sports supplements like Bulgarian Tribulus and Ecdysterone!
The results are pretty amazing!

A Vice-European Champion presents amazingly effective pre-workout supplement Armageddon
World and Vice-European Champion in kick box presents VeganPro (vegetable protein with Ecdysterone and BCAAs) for healthy mass gain
One of Bulgaria’s top young kickboxing talents Bogdan Shumarov presents Vemoherb Ecdysterone
Rodiola rosea: Adapt and Overcome!
Plamena Dimova: The Boxing Queen Presents Vemoherb Ecdysterone