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A world champion’s review of VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus and Ecdysterone

Each athlete hopes to make the most of their training adaptation and keep good health through hard training cycles.It is proven that dietary supplements can help in that direction. Whereas appropriate diet should come first, some substances are not present in the food. Supplements are a great way to support the sport performance and the general health. Our friends from Martial Arts Sports club ‘’Boil’ want to share their experience with VemoHerb supplements:

Alexander Petrov is a World and European Kick-box Champion. The 28-year-old Alexander is a European champion in K1 style, in category up to 81 kg for 2017. He was two times world champion in amateur kickboxing, multiple national champion and medalist in international competitions. Alexander Petrov won the SFC  in category up to 84 kg and recorded his 30th professional match.

In this short review you can read about his trainings and explanation of how you can use VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus and Ecdysterone to boost your energy and tone up the muscles:

Hello, I am Alexander Petrov and I am two-times World Champion and European Champion for Professionals. In our trainings we turn to VemoHerb, which has always been our partner. Since I have start using VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus, my recovery is much faster, I feel much more explosive during training sessions.

VemoHerb Tribulus_Ecdysterone

It also supports the increase of the testosterone in the body naturally especially  VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus does that like no other. I can feel the effect extremely quickly and see myself recovering much faster between the rounds, my muscles growth and speed is improved, also all the aspects in the training process are improved

All the training factors are enhanced! You can feel your muscles growing and muscle fibers strengthening and this is extremely helpful for heavier and more intense workouts.

I have tried quite a few other Tribulus products of world-famous brands, but the effect is not the same as with VemoHerb’s Tribulus. The difference may have come from the fact that VemoHerb is using much purer Bulgarian Tribulus extract without any other impurities and the effect is truly unique. The muscles become much faster and explosive… much more effective than before.

I take VemoHerb’s Tribulus all the time, but I am most consistent in the pre-competition period when I prepare for major competitions and championships. Usually I take it 3 times a day – in the morning, by noon and in the evening. The effect is felt, extremely quickly – perhaps, on the second, third day, extremely quickly and from then on you feel the energy boost every day.

Other product, which I take from VemoHerb series is Vemo Ecdysterone and since I have start using it I feel much faster recovery between training sessions, I feel the “beast” inside me and I want to behead my opponent.

When I use both VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus and Ecdysterone I feel very strong, very fast and nobody can stop me. I take them 3 times a day minimum and I am very pleased with the effect.  THE COMBINATION GIVES ME MORE PERMANENT SATISFACTION and the final results are obvious – World and European Kick-box Champion for Bulgaria!“

Alexandar Petrov

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