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First-hand experience with Able Male


“First, Thank you for your gift!

Let me start with the quality of packaging. Definitely the new packaging of your products look better than the previous. Moreover, when I detached the paper seal liner of throat I heard a sound of air entering in the bottle from the light vacuum in it.

That left me with good impression because thus you preserve the freshness of the herbal extracts of Ginkgo biloba, Bloody geranium, Mucuna and Bulgarian Tribulus. Interesting combination of ingredients, by the way. If a person is familiar with the activity of each of them can explain the logic to combine them. Although, I am not an expert, I will focus on each of them separately.

The effect of the extract of Ginkgo biloba in the mix was the first that I felt. After using the product some time I noticed a slight tension in the forehead – probably because of the increased cerebral circulation. I’ve noticed a slight increase in the concentration during reading. Unfortunately there were some red blood vessels in my left eye and a slight discomfort from this. I must say that it sometimes happens to me when I’m taking supplements lowering blood viscosity can have similar symptoms. After ten days, however, the slight tension in the head went away.

Ginkgo is a very interesting herb with many effects. Interesting studies have shown that at higher doses it acts as MAO inhibitor, and increases the concentration of dopamine in the brain.

Probably, that is the real reason for its properties as nootropic and also as an aphrodisiac, rather than by improving blood circulation. Unfortunately, the doses for induction of MAO – inhibiting effect is higher than conventional, and therefore because of the risk of bleeding it is not completely safe to be used in humans. Yet I wonder whether a combination of red geranium (with its blood-vessel-shrinking and astringent properties) or other blood vessel strengthening herb ginkgo biloba would not allow for the safe administration of higher doses of ginkgo. I personally would start the first ten days course with red geranium and normal doses of ginkgo (preventive strengthening of blood vessels and thus giving the chance for the circulatory system to adapt), and only then would rise gradually the dose of ginkgo (again taken with bloody geranium. By my estimates the extract of Ginkgo biloba should be around 700-900 mg per day – three doses of 240 mg taken with food). This is just hypothesis and using such high doses should be under medical supervision because of the risk of internal bleeding.

Incidentally, I came across a blog and an application of ginkgo for I had not heard before. Its use as an active ingredient in cosmetic face mask. In this case – ginkgo plus a few drops of olive oil.
I’ve never heard of an external application of ginkgo in cosmetics. But then again why not. VemoHerb Able Male has antioxidant properties, and the active compounds are better absorbed by food, which means that most likely are fat soluble and could be incorporated successfully in the emulsions and creams. Incidentally just checked now for more information on the net and found out that there are actually cosmetic products with ginkgo. So apparently it’s not about something new but rather less known.

Red geranium. As mentioned above, its effect on increasing white blood cells and immune system strength can only mention that during the use of the “Able male” I’m not sick and I did not have health problems.

L-dopa from the mucuna I could not felt. Or if it had any impact on me it was so soft that I have not noticed. It is possible that just everything with dopamine in me is just fine. As far as I know the demise of cells from the substance nigra in the brain (dopamine is synthesized there) begins with an accelerated rate after age 40 and therefore your older customers have a greater benefit from this supplement.

About the Tribulus in the formula, honestly, I wanted to experiment: I raise the dose and as I had with me two packs of your Bulgarian Tribulus I started to add additional capsules to those from “Able male “. With three additional capsules the effect was pronounced. With four additional tribilus capsules the effect began to decline, which for me was a sign that I must have exceeded the optimal dose and go back again three additional capsules. It is not a little, especially in financial terms, but for me it was a good experience because I’ve never felt anything when using tribulus supplement the few times that I’ve tried before (it was of other brands). This, of course, only applies to me. Possibly, most of your clients have a better sensitivity to the extract than mine and they would not need so much. It is also possible after a period of saturation dose can be reduced and switched to a lower maintenance dose. Incidentally when I change the additional three capsules with another extract of this company: AMIX
the effect disappeared immediately and it was replaced with very soft diuretic effect. The other thing to mention is that when I run out of “Able male” and tried again with 3 capsules of your pure Bulgarian Tribulus extract, the effect was weaker than that with 3 capsules ordinary Bulgarian Tribulus and one of “Able male”, which to me means that probably still does have some synergy coming from the other three ingredients in the formula.

Finally you lean this link: # summary9

It contains information that relatively high doses of Tribulus fourfold increase the availability of melanocyte stimulating hormone in the hair follicles. The assumption is that high doses of Tribulus could return back the color of the gray hair, or at least delay the process of graying hair. The examination is preliminary, but on the other hand fit in ascribing Tribulus rejuvenating effect on the body. It remains to be confirmed in vivo in humans, which is not a simple task. But if that happens, it really would revolutionize the cosmetics industry and generally associated with rejuvenation of man. Then the search for the herb will be much greater than that generated by its properties of anabolic and aphrodisiac.


With Regards, Gergan!”

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