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VemoHerb Ecdysterone and Tribulus – quality and efficiency

Professional athletes are fully aware of how essential supplements can be influencing their performance and push them to their limit in training and competition.


Natural supplements are effective for professional athletes, fitness enthusiast, beginners and health conscious individuals. The benefits of using natural sports supplements do not stop at pushing the boundaries of elite performance, they can be used to kick start any health and fitness plan into action. Professional athletes are fully aware of how essential supplements can […]

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Plamena Dimova: The Boxing Queen Presents Vemoherb Ecdysterone

Apart from her achievements in sport, she told us more about her personal successes over the years

The female boxer from Varna – Plamena Dimova is a world champion among professional athletes. The female athlete from Sports Club “Boil” defeated Polina Petrova (Russia) in 52kg category at a gala evening in the Congress Hall at the Palace of Culture and Sports, Varna, Bulgaria. Apart from her achievements in sport, she told us […]

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One of Bulgaria’s top young kickboxing talents Bogdan Shumarov presents Vemoherb Ecdysterone

He is the World Kickboxing Champion in Bulgarian, European champion, cat. 71kg, K1 in Slovenia in 2016 and holder of the European title for professionals, WAKO PRO in Varna in 2017. He has 6 professional matches, 5 of which with a victory.


Each athlete who has serious strength and physique, clearly knows that supplements can help you get the most from your intense training sessions and on-point diet. But which ones? Nowadays the market is overfilled with not so useful supplements! You might get attracted to the wander they offer, but unfortunately those ones often be loaded […]

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World and Vice-European Champion in kick box presents VeganPro (vegetable protein with Ecdysterone and BCAAs) for healthy mass gain

Hristo Hristov is a proof that with hard work everything is achieved!


Many athletes use dietary supplements as part of their regular training or competition routine. Often, they look for supplementive nutrition to perform at their best, but not everything on the market is useful or necessary for athletes to use. A well-known fact is that proper NUTRITION and TRAINING are key to athletic success, especially where […]

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A world champion’s review of VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus and Ecdysterone

Supplements are a great way to support the sport performance and the general health.*

Alexander Petrov is a World and European Kick-box Champion. The 28-year-old Alexander is a European champion in K1 style, in category up to 81 kg for 2017. He was two times world champion in amateur kickboxing, multiple national champion and medalist in international competitions. Alexander Petrov won the SFC  in category up to 84 kg […]

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Prof. Dr. Dieter Hesch – the proficient opinion about VemoHerb Ecdysterone

I perform muscular training since 40 years and I wrote a book about training in general and about my own training

the proficient opinion about VemoHerb Ecdysterone

Prof. Dr. Dieter Hesch contacted us some time ago, eager for information about VemoHerb Ecdysterone. As the word is getting spread, more and more people get to realize how powerful this supplement is. Prof. Dr. Hesch is actively training professional, who guides other people to their dream healthy body. That is why he wanted to […]

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Ecdysterone boosts sports performance – proven!

All the while, in eastern Europe there is a dietary supplement on the market for more than ten years so far – VemoHerb® Ecdysterone – an extraordinary dietary supplement with extraordinary effects.


German scientists proved that Ecdysterone boosts sports performance.* Earlier this year – 16.05.2019 to be exact, a team of German scientists from Freie Universität Berlin published an article that has the potential to radically change the professional sports scene… But before that, let`s rewind the tape a little… During the height of the cold war […]

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First-hand experience with Ecdysterone

A detailed customer review of Gergan's experience with VemoHerb Ecdysterone

experience with VemoHerb Ecdysterone

A detailed customer review of Gergan’s experience with VemoHerb Ecdysterone “For me, VemoHerb Ecdysterone is the most impressive product I’ve ever tried! Product on a global level! Since there are a lot of contradictory information about ecdysterone in the forums I couldn’t make up my mind which one to buy. Another reason for me to […]

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VemoHerb Ecdysterone – Proven Purity

There are many reasons why we call VemoHerb Ecdysterone TOP of the TOP.

  The brand VemoHerb has been on the marketplace for over twenty years already. The most important thing that did help us create a big client network is that ever since our 1st product was developed, we stick to the strategy to create and offer quality products that actually work and deliver results for the […]

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VemoHerb Ecdysterone – Comparative Analysis

What makes our product unique is the high quality of the extract we use.

Comparing VemoHerb® Ecdysterone to some of the most popular ecdysterone products. Based on independent researches and findings on the phytochemistry of herbs with different origin, we have chosen the raw materials we use to be of selected origin only. Using a high-quality herbal material, we manufacture our own branded extract of Leuzea carthamoides to create […]