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VemoHerb dietary supplements designed for muscle mass gain

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Dietary supplements are essential for any athlete wanting to improve on his results and enhance his sports shape. The mission of VemoHerb is to offer the highest quality products for good physical and sport shape.

If your main goal is effective building of muscle mass, the VemoHerb brand dietary supplements will make your dreams come true. A well balanced diet, including well-chosen workout plan and high quality dietary supplements will help you improve your physical shape and reach new performance heights.

In this article, we will present you high quality dietary supplements, which will help you build lean muscle mass and enhance your physical condition.

VemoHerb® VeganPro – Unique plant based protein complex, the best choice for every athlete who wants to build lean muscle mass in a natural and healthy manner. VeganPro is one of the best alternatives to caseine and whey protein. It has a perfectly balanced formula designed especially for every rigorous athlete. It is a source for all essential amino acids, necessary for the body, in combination with branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), essential for rapid muscle recovery and growth. VeganPro also contains a specially designed enzyme blend developed to ensure full utilization of every single amino acid in the diet. To top all that, every dose of the product contains 200 mg highly purified Leuzea carthamoides extract, which enhances protein synthesis.

Vemoherb® Armageddon – A unique pre-workout product, developed to shoot your achievements to the highest levels. VemoHerb® Armageddon provides you with more strength, endurance, energy, stamina and concentration during your workout. The product gives such a kick-start to your willpower, determination and body that you will clearly understand the meaning and origin of the phrase “Impossible is nothing”.

VemoHerb® Ecdysterone – This dietary supplement is derived from the plant Leuzea carthamoides. The properties of the product are due to the high quality Leuzea extract, rich in the active ingredient – 95 % beta ecdysterone. The product increases muscle growth, endurance, strength and protein synthesis in the body in a healthy and natural way. The dietary supplement is designed to help athletes who seek to build lean muscle mass in a quick and healthy manner.

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