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Yohimbe – the miracle dietary supplement that supports sex drive and fat burning

Yohimbe – the miracle dietary supplement that supports sex drive and fat burning

Are you experiencing sex-drive or erectile problems?

Are you actively exercising and you need more strength and endurance?

Do you need a dietary supplement to aid you in the fight with excess weight?

We at VemoHerb can help you solve these problems with the dietary supplement VemoHerb Yohimbe. The secret lies in the bark of the West African tree Pausinystalia yohimbe, which holds a wealth of monoterpene alkaloids, primarily different isomers of the alkaloid yohimbine. Conventional medicine takes great interest in pure yohimbine and its effects on potency.

Now is the time to mention that there is a difference between dietary supplements based on Pausinystalia yohimbe – extracts containing the whole bouquet of active substances and the products that are made from just the isolated and highly purified alkaloid yohimbine, which is most commonly used in fat-burner formulas. VemoHerb Yohimbe is a dietary supplement containing dry extract form the bark of the West African tree.

  • Aphrodisiac properties of Yohimbe: The dietary supplement supports the dilation of blood vessels in the pelvic region, thus enhances blood flow to all internal organs, and indirectly stimulates the erectile function. Through enhanced blood flow, more energy and nutrients are able to reach the muscles during training. The combination of enhanced sexual activity and fat-burning properties turn Yohimbe into the perfect assistant against excess weight and libido problems.
  • Fat burning properties of Yohimbe: Using  VemoHerb Yohimbe directly influences fat burning in the most critical areas of the body – namely the stomach, hips and thighs. The effect starts at a sub-cellular level through inhibiting the specific cell receptors responsible for the accumulation of fat. The best results are obtained through combining the yohimbe dry extract with a reduced calorie diet and physical activity.
  • The effects of Yohimbe in sportsmen: For athletes looking to get ripped while burning fat, yohimbe plays a crucial role. Its use significantly reduces fatigue after exercise, increases the speed of recovery and energizes the body during exhausting workouts. It increases physical performance and provides antioxidant support to the body.
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