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Building Muscle Mass

Building Muscle Mass

Every athlete who is interested in fitness and bodybuilding wants to enhance their muscle mass. The upcoming cold days are perfect for everyone who prefers that kind of sport and wants to gain muscle mass. Although there is no exact time of the year for building muscle mass and relief, winter months are more suitable to BULK UP. The athletes, whose main goal is to build muscle mass, start their intensive workouts in the period from September to April. So, you have 8 months to upgrade yourself and achieve the desired body shape.

It`s the time of the year when it is necessary to change your workout plan and include basic exercises in it. I do not think it is necessary to explain what is the meaning of the term “basic exercise”, however, briefly – when your main goal is effective building of muscle mass, you need that kind of exercises, which can train each muscle group and make the muscles work together.

Every athlete has favorite exercises and includes them in their workout program. In this article you can find some exercises which are suitable for people who want to bulk up:
* Squat- helps in building muscular bulk and strength, not only in the legs, but also in the entire body. The result will be even better if you make repetitive cycles.
* Dead lift- this exercise works on a variety of muscle groups. It is most intensively felt at the back, so it is necessary to perform it accurately and precisely.
* Weight lifting bench press- the bench press is an upper-body-strength training exercise.
* Bar pull up- this exercise works on a large number of muscles at your back. It is well-known in the bodybuilers’ fields for many years now.
* Standing barbell shoulder press- it is a really amazing exercise, which targets a lot of muscle groups, but is extremely difficult. Definitely, that kind of exercises lead to better results.
* Dips –it will help you build a strong and sculpted upper body. Most athletes say that the parallel body dips train the upper body as good as the squats train the lower body.

You need quality dietary supplements to enhance your body’s shape in these months. Vemo 99`s team is ready to support you in this endeavor, because we believe that the human body has the necessary resources to be maintained in a healthy shape.

We have developed a unique pre-workout product, VemoHerb Armageddon, which can support you with more strength, endurance, energy, stamina and concentration during your workout.

After an intense and exhausting workout, your body needs high quality protein, in order to recover quickly, so that the sweat you have shed is not aimless. Your faithful assistant here is the protein VemoHerb VeganPro. It contains 21.6 g pure concentrated protein, as well as 200 mg potent extract from the plant Leuzea carthamoides in every dose. The amino acid profile of the product can be compared to whey protein. VemoHerb VeganPro also contains a special enzyme complex. The product is especially developed to be with low glycemic load. VemoHerb VeganPro is absolutely lactose-free, preservative-free, cholesterol-free, and without any artificial sweeteners аnd prohibited substances. It is made entirely from plant sources, making it applicable for vegans.

For perfect finish of your workout we have developed VemoHerb Ecdysterone. The properties of Vemoherb Ecdysterone are due to the highly purified Leuzea extact. The product is the perfect choice for athletes who want to build lean muscle mass in a natural and healthy manner. Since in every dose of VemoHerb VeganPro (30g) we have included 200 mg Ecdysterone, you might lower your daily intake of VemoHerb Ecdysterone.

Your set of healthy food supplements will not be complete, if you do not include the famous with its effectiveness VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus. This products is the most recommended supplement, if you want to enhance your lean muscle mass and strength. Bulgarian Tribulus, produced by VemoHerb, is the most famous product based on Tribulus, proven to be with highest potency.

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