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Ecdysterone boosts sports performance – proven!


German scientists proved that Ecdysterone boosts sports performance. Earlier this year – 16.05.2019 to be exact, a team of German scientists from Freie Universität Berlin published an article that has the potential to radically change the professional sports scene… But before that, let`s rewind the tape a little… During the height of the cold war […]

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First-hand experience with Guggulsterone

A detailed customer review of Gergan’s experience with VemoHerb Guggulsterone. “Basically, I’ve been keenly interested in food and herbal supplements for several years till now. An year ago I hadn’t heard about company VemoHerb, but I found on the net a few good reviews for your products and then I decided to try some. The […]

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First-hand experience with Ecdysterone

experience with VemoHerb Ecdysterone

A detailed customer review of Gergan’s experience with VemoHerb Ecdysterone “For me, VemoHerb Ecdysterone is the most impressive product I’ve ever tried! Product on a global level! Since there are a lot of contradictory information about ecdysterone in the forums I couldn’t make up my mind which one to buy. Another reason for me to […]

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Expert’s Opinion

Testosterone is the key to muscle mass. Increases in testosterone in the body whether it be synthetic or natural is super effective at increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

Alex Rogers, President at has been an expert in dietary supplements for more than 20 years so far. His main business activity is to search for the best quality dietary supplements present on the market, and give thorough info about them to his customers. It is for a fact that people rely on his […]

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Low Fat Diet

Healthy reduction diet program for 14 days.

Dr. George Gaydurkov – а famous Bulgarian nutritionist explains how we can lose extra pounds while improving our general health. Maintaining optimal body weight is the easiest thing in the nature! Have you ever seen an overweight animal in the wild nature?! Maybe you can see fat animals in the zoo or in the home […]

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The Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Tribulus_terrestris extract

“Supports muscle strength and growth, stimulates human sexuality and libido” – that statement is often read on the supplements with content of Tribulus terrestris extract. Do you want to know if that is true? Tribulus terrestris herb has been commonly used in tradition medicine to energize, vitalize and improve sexual function and physical performance in men. […]

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4 truths for effective supplementation

Because of the long and busy day today, we rarely think about the pharmacy in our garden. Nature has given us all the remedies which a person needs. Let’s now how to use them!

A very old Chinese legend says that the disease is on the ground, as are the herbs that they can heal it. Once upon a time there was an old herbalist, who had disciples. Once he took them to the mountain and ordered them to bring him any grass with no healing effect. At the […]

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Foods against inflammation

Some factors, such as stress, lack of exercise, heredity, exposure to toxins (for example, passive smoking) may contribute to the occurrence of such chronic inflammation. The choice of healthy diet can help in the fight against these factors.

Fever, swelling, redness, unbearable pain – this is what inflammation feels like. Usually, we do not suspect having inflammation until it comes to an acute condition. The truth, however, is that it has been in the tissues for months and years, silently amortizing your joints, arteries, brain, etc. Bad news actually, but it can motivate us to […]

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6 things to have in mind when shopping dietary supplements. How to read the labels?

6 things to have in mind when shopping dietary supplements. How to read the labels?

QUANTITY CONCENTRATION CALCULATIONS CLARITY QUALITY CERTIFICATES PRICE The best healthy diet is based on a whole and preferably raw food (whole grains, seeds, fruits – not peeled, not extracted in oils, not smashed with chemicals, not oxidized, not thermally cooked). The idea is that the Nature has created a fruit, vegetable, nut or seed to […]