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Sports club BOIL – high standards for high results

Sports club BOIL – high standards for high results

Kick-boxing is a group of combat styles including punches with legs and hands. Based on elements of karate, boxing and muay thai, kick-boxing originates in Japan during the 60’s of 20th century and in USA in the 70’s and it is in the foundation of the emergence of MMA – mixed martial arts – during the 90’s. There are different styles of kick-boxing with different rules. Some of them allows hits with hands and legs above the belt,  while  others permit kicks on thighs (so called ‘’low kick’’).

Historically, fighting style muay thai precedes kick-boxing. This style allows hand and leg punches occurring in kick-boxing, and also knee and elbow punches.

Qualified coaches in the Martial Arts Sports Club ‘’BOIL’’ teach and train exclusive kick-box and muay thai competitors, who earned many awards from national and international tournaments. We, VemoHerb team, were really impressed by the endless high results and awards of the competitors in the club! We express our enormous admiration and congratulations to everyone achieved such remarkable victories thanks to professionalism, perfectionism, perseverance, zeal, talent, determination and willing self-affirmation and development. These are fundamental qualities for spiritual growth. We truly believe that sport gives a clear expression of the fact that the hard work with desire and passion, sentiment gives its results. This is a philosophy which VemoHerb follows since it’s foundation. We are proud of our work with real professionals who deserve the quality they receive.

Amongst them are:

Delyan Slavov – III place – 86 kg cat. “low kick” – European Kickboxing championship

/Delyan Slavov,Plamena Dimova/

We proudly present you –  Plamena Dimova

/Plamena Dimova/

World title for professionals holder – ‘’Queen of the ring’’ cat. 48kg – and also won many other awards from World and European championships, proven to be among the best:

World champion – muay thai 2009 and 2011;
European champion – cat. 48 kg. – kick-boxing – K1 style2010;
3rd place – kick-boxing – European championship – ‘’full contact’’ style – 2008;
3rd place muay thaiEuropean championship2009;
3rd place kick-boxingWorld championship – 2009;
2nd place muay thai – World championship – 2010.


For 2nd and 3rd place of European Championship delighted us Svetoslav Maleshkov
2nd place – 69kg cat. Kick-boxing – European Championship – 2010;
3rd place – kick-boxing – European championship, 71kg cat.,’’full-contact’’ style – 2008.


Petar Iliev earned an European title as well – 3rd place – kick-boxing – European championship, 71kg cat.’’full-contact’’ style – 2008.


Liliya Kardjieva was awarded on the European Championship with the beautiful newest variety of kick-boxing – aero kickboxing – 3rd place kickboxing – European championship – aero kickbox – 2008.

/Plamena Tsigularova/

Plamena Tsigularova has an  impressively long list of victories:

European champion muay thai – 48kg cat. – 2013;
3rd place – kickboxing – European championship – ‘’low kick’’ style – 2010;
3rd place – World Championshipmuay thai2011;
3rd place – kickboxingEuropean championship‘’K1’’ style’’2010;
3rd place – kickboxing – European championship – ‘’kick light contact’’ – 2010;
2nd place – muay thai – World Championship – 2012.

Ivan Nedelchev listed the Bulgarian power on a World Championship – 3rd place – kickboxing – cat. 57kg – World championship – 2011.

Denica Koleva defeated the world in two styles – kick light and full-contact – Admirations!
3rd place – kickbox – ‘’kick light’’ style World championship – 2011;
3rd place kickbox – ‘’full-contact’’ style – World championship – 2011.


Hristo Hristov has recently introduced himself to the European community:
3rd place – 71 kg cat. ,Kickboxing – European Championship – 2014;
2nd place – 71 kg cat. – ‘’full contact’’ style – Kickboxing – European championship – 2016.


Dimitar Miltchev and Hristiyan Kantchev won medals which rejoiced the Bulgarians and gave them another reason to be proud:

Dimitar Miltchev
3rd place – 63,5 kg cat. Kickboxing – European Championship – 2016.

Hristiyan Kantchev
3rd place- 54kg cat. muay thai – World Championship – 2017.


Bogdan Shumarov
Did you know that World Kickboxing Champion is a Bulgarian? – He is Bogdan Shumarov!
European champion – cat. 71kg   K1 – Slovenia 2016;
European title for professionals holder – WAKO PRO – Varna 2017.

/Bogdan Shumarov/

Radoslav Kostov earns win after win:
European champion – kickbox – 67kg cat., ’’low kick’’ style – 2015;
3rd place – kickbox   – World Championship – ‘’low kick’’ style –  2016;
3rd place – kickbox – World Cup – ‘’low kick’’ style – 2016.

/Radoslav Kostov/


Kristiyan Jordanov proves himself very successful on the European as well as on the World ring:
European champion – kickboxing – 67kg cat.’’low kick’’ style – 2015;
3rd place – kickboxing – World Championship – ‘’low kick’’ style – 2016.


Teodor Hristov is a holder of big awards:
2nd place – kickbox style ‘’kick light’’ 47 kg cat. – World Championship – 2014;
2nd place kickbox – style ‘’low kick’’ 60kg cat. – European championship – 2016.


The above names are not just a list – each sportsman has given their best to list their name in the world sports history. We are proud of all of you! Our nation deserves to be proud with all the victories and awards, proving how good and constant we are in our aspirations.

Kickboxing can be a practice not only in sports discipline that brings contentment, successes and glory but also in self-defence and keeping fit.

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