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Plamena Dimova: The Boxing Queen Presents Vemoherb Ecdysterone

The female boxer from Varna – Plamena Dimova is a world champion among professional athletes. The female athlete from Sports Club “Boil” defeated Polina Petrova (Russia) in 52kg category at a gala evening in the Congress Hall at the Palace of Culture and Sports, Varna, Bulgaria. Apart from her achievements in sport, she told us more about her personal successes over the years, what her trainings include, her food and supplements intake and many other interesting things that you can hear in her full interview in our YouTube channel:

  • “The Queen of the Ring?”

The “Queen of the ring” is actually a title due to the fact that I made my first World Championship against Tamara Laker (Germany) in 2011. Then we had a second match in which she defeated me. Afterwards, we had to play a third match in order to decide who will take the price We had a 5-round match, I managed to win the title in 2013 and it was one of my best competitions. My training was in Germany with my trainer Delyan Slavov, to whom I am eternally grateful. My opponent had a lot of “dirty”play, but I managed to keep self-control.

  • Natural talent or persistence?

Persistence! Lots of persistence! I was 11 years old when I started training martial arts. It was my first competition and thanks to my coach then. I will be eternally grateful to him, because he is the reason, I started kickboxing. A few months later, it was my first competition in which I won first place.

– You have defeated Polina Petrova (Russia) in the category up to 52 kg during the gala evening in the Congress Hall, Varna, Bulgaria.

This match was played on October 13.2017 in Varna. It was my dream come true! I have been competing abroad for so many years and I really wanted to make a match here in Bulgaria. With this match I managed to reach my high peak in kick boxing. The match was quite interesting, my opponent was changed several times, but at the end it was Polina Petrova (Russia). She turned out to be quite a professional contestant. We had a 10 rounds match and it was quite a challenge.

  • You exchanged a few smiles with your opponent, why?

The interesting thing is that always before the start of the match, you have a short first meeting with  the opponent. There, everyone wants to show how confident they are. Usually I always look pretty confident and watch them quite scary. But there are always smiles. There is always respect between us!

  • Waking up on Oct. 13. 2017, was there a sense of victory?

More willingly I had the feeling that it was my birthday, I really felt it in that way. The date is very important for me since my coach Krasimir Kirilov had a birthday! It was really exciting. I woke up very confident! It is also very important to note that during each training, each athlete prepares mentally for the victory. Every single day, we assemble that confidence.

  • World champion – this is a serious title! Has that changed your personal or professional life?

In fact, this is not my first title. I became a World champion for the first time at the age of 20 in Thailand. I couldn’t even believe it. A few months later I was able to really feel what had happened in my life. You become more noticeable, more famous. You also become a role model for the younger ones. But personally, I have not changed. I have just fulfilled my goals and dreams. I have thought that when you have a purpose in life, you should strive to achieve it. Even if you fail, the path you walked on is also important!

  • Which title is the most valuable / most difficult for you?

My European K1 title, which I won in 2016 among the amateurs! Why exactly that title? Because for many years I wasn’t involved in kickboxing, but only in boxing. In 2015, Delyan Slavov and Krassimir Kirilov started preparing me. This is my most rewarding title, because in a very short period of time I managed to get into a really good shape. I managed to lose weight and the category I took part was 48 kg. I hadn’t maintained that weight in a very long time.

  • Can you describe us how your week looks like? How often do you train?

When I’m in my preparatory phase, every day of the week is very different. I get up in the morning, drink my coffee and go for a run. After that, I come back home, I eat and go to bed for a little rest. Later, I go to my training hall, come back home, eat and go to bed again. In general, this is all that happens. Even when I have to lose weight, I’m quite negative because I’m quite hungry and I don’t talk to anyone. But when I’m not in the preparation period it’s much more diverse. I work out from Monday to Friday and on Saturday I am the coach. On Sunday I train alone and on Monday again with my instructors.

  • Tell us more about your diet? (menu, intake of supplements)
experience with VemoHerb Ecdysterone

If I say that I am very strict with my diet, I will be lying. I have a big problem with this. I do not follow any diets, but instead I have eating habits. I always eat vegetables and meat, protein, because these products are vital for any athlete. These are the main things that are present in my food regime. In addition, I always take VemoHerb supplements. I reach amazing results when I take VemoHerb Ecdysteronе with meat, variety of vegetables and fruits! During my trainings I feel a huge effect on my strength, endurance, recovery and overall condition. A phenomenal product! You have to try to feel what I mean!

  • Thank you! How will you celebrate your upcoming birthday?

With a lot of wine 😃 and also there will be cake 😃

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