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Tribulus terrestris properties and benefits

Tribulus Terrestris properties and benefits

The food supplement with Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract, offered by VemoHerb is with high content of furostanol type steroid saponins. These compounds are the biologically active substances that support the synthesis of sex hormones and positively influence the nerve system. This food supplement indirectly supports the production of testosterone in the male body; helps establish and maintain a healthy hormone balance without influencing its functional mechanism. The food supplement VemoHerb® Bulgarian Tribulus is obtained from high quality bio plant raw material – dry areal parts of the herb Tribulus terrestris – common in the southern regions of Bulgaria, during the period of mass flowering in June – August.

Tribulus terrestris supports prostate health and aid in assuring the normal levels of hormones and their metabolities. The positive influence of furostanol saponins from the extract is particularly strong on the hormone secretion by the Hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis. In women, the extract works on the levels of pregnenolone, progesterone, and estrogens and enhance libido, which may help support the physical and psycho-emotional health of a woman. In men, the extract supports the production of luteinizing hormone and testosterone. Due to these effects, the extracts of Tribulus terrestris are very suitable for application in food supplements for men and women in periods of heavy climacteric states. The work on testosterone levels influences positively the protein synthesis and respectively muscle mass gain, while maintaining the levels of cholesterol in the body in optimal ranges. The Tribulus terrestris extract helps decrease the blood sugar levels, positively influences the blood circulation, supports the heart and liver functions and the immune system. As a result, the physical capacity and stamina of the body are enhanced.

The protodioscin in combination with the other furostanol saponins from the plant support the production of male sex hormones, and influence positively the testosterone synthesis in such a way, that the body itself starts to produce it and does not require additional quantities from “the outside” (anabolic preparations for instance). When using artificial sources of testosterone, with time can be observed a steady decrease of natural testosterone synthesis in the body, consequently this can lead to sterility.

The food supplement is suitable for sports people in the preparatory, active and the period of recovery, and after exhaustion after overwork. Perfectly suited for use by professional athletes as well as people training for health and wellbeing.

The dietary supplement helps increase strength and muscle growth, supports sexual desire, naturally improves the sex hormone synthesis. Helps increase energy and stamina during daily workouts and supports the body rid itself from toxins generated during physical exercise. It helps balance cholesterol and increases muscle growth and strength.

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