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Why do you need strength training even if you don’t want big muscles?

Here are three reasons to start strength training now if you want to take care for your health.

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It’s a fact that strength training increases muscle size, and cardio training sheds pounds and keeps the heart healthy.

However, many people avoid strength and resistance training –  with their own weight or with additional weights – precisely because they do not aim to gain muscle mass.

In practice, however, big biceps and a nice fitness body are not the only benefits of strength training. Here are three reasons to start strength training now if you want to take care for your health.


Strength training is the most effective way to maintain good motor skills as you age

According to Dr. Andy Galpin, an athlete and professor of Human Biogenetics and Muscle Physiology in the USA, no other type of training prevents muscle aging like strength training.

If you’re human, you inevitably want to move. If you have any kind of dysfunction in your muscular system, your movement is more, less, or completely limited.

Many people know that after the age of 40, the human body begins to lose 1% of muscle mass per year. What many people don’t know is that at the same time each year the muscles lose between 2 and 4% of their strength.

It turns out that the main problem with aging is not so much the reduction of muscles, which is more of an aesthetic problem, but the loss of muscle strength and power. This is the more serious problem, because every single movement in your daily life depends on muscle strength.

Some experts even believe that the body loses its motor functionality over time, not because of the normal course of aging, but because it lacks enough strength training over the years.


Strength training supports the health of the nervous system

There is a connection between muscles and the nervous system – as strong as between muscles and bones. Nerves control the contraction of muscle fibers. The discovery that mental focus on exercised muscle increases its strength and performance is an interesting topic of new research and discovery.

In addition, increasing muscle strength has a dopamine effect. The body needs 30 days of initial training to get used to some degree of physical stress. Then it’s ready for more and strength training starts to bring pleasure.

And more about the healthy connection between strength training and the nervous system: strength training has been shown to relieve mental stress and stimulate the mind.

Many people doing intellectual work today do push-ups during their work breaks. They have the physical and mental need for a gym close to their workplace so they can stay focused and continue their work toned and with a clear mind.

Weight training and bodyweight training support both muscle strength and spirit. The amount of negative emotional stress that strength training can transform varies from person to person, but in all cases it is significant.

Strength training supports the health of your brain, mind and nervous system. What better reason to start right now with some light exercises that will make you stronger?


Strength training and life expectancy

The link between cardio exercise and longevity has been known for a long time.

However, a recent study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine showed that strength training 1-2 times a week resulted in a 40% lower chance of mortality compared to no exercise at all. For cardio training, this chance was calculated to be 15% for 1 hour of jogging per week compared to no exercise at all.

The truth is that the benefit of strength training has not been well researched to date because not so many people in general incorporate strength training into their healthy habits.

Only 24% of people in the study did regular strength training, while 63% were regular with cardio.

Is it time to start strength and resistance training?

Now that you know more about strength training, you’re probably wondering where your bands and dumbbells are and when you start squats and pull-ups. If you’re trying to justify yourself with “my time has passed”, here’s a little more information.

The best thing about strength training is that you don’t have to be young to start. Any age after 18-19 years is suitable for starting and for achieving fantastic – visible and tangible results.

If you have not exercised before, first find additional information on how to start by consulting a specialist. No matter what kind of strength exercises you choose to perform, it’s very important to learn the right technique first. Squats and push-ups may sound familiar but they have their specifics as well which make them more effective and protect your body from injuries.

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Ask us if you have any questions and get off to a good start with strength training.



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