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Low Fat Diet

Healthy reduction diet program for 14 days.

Dr. George Gaydurkovа famous Bulgarian nutritionist explains how we can lose extra pounds while improving our general health. Maintaining optimal body weight is the easiest thing in the nature! Have you ever seen an overweight animal in the wild nature?! Maybe you can see fat animals in the zoo or in the home but it is a rare phenomenon. However, this is not the case with humans. Yet the reference Body Mass Index (BMI) is required, because it is important for general health indicators.

Low Fat Diet

Stage 1. Healthy reduction diet program for 14 days.

The aim is not only to achieve weight loss and your body to expel any impurities but also at the same time to supplement the inevitable deficits that your body may be suffering due to not-balanced diet.

What to consume:

fresh fruits (except the banana),
raw vegetables (without any salt and any kind of oil),
raw nuts (except peanuts),
Amount of fruit and vegetables – 1.5 – 2 kg per day;

Nuts – 150 – 200 grams per day.

Hours – free program – you can eat whenever you need to. The fruits should not be mixed with other food, аnd should be eaten only when the stomach is empty (2 hours interval from the other meals).

Liquids – drink spring water and herbal tea (with lemon) between food intake. No honey! Honey has a high glycemic index (GI) and is converted easily into cholesterol and fat. If you are in desperate need of sweet – get some figs.

Stooling – 2 times daily. If not – eat more kiwi, pears. Exercise. You will lose 4-7 kg depending on the intensity of the trainings. ATTENTION! Healthy weight reduction is gradual, and its aim is not loosing weight by all means but achieving healthy state. Anyway, if you follow strictly that diet, you are loosing weight inevitably.

Low Fat Diet

Stage 2. Feeding for 7-10 days.

Besides the raw vegetable add gradually steamed vegetables (excluding potatoes), cereals and leguminous pulses: quinoa, corn (frozen, not canned – canned contains lots of salt), buckwheat, lentils, chickpeas, peas. Again – no added oils and salt. Remember, obesity is associated mostly with the addition of salt and extracted oil in a bottle (sunflower oil, olive oil, not to mention artificial butter). Necessary salts and fats are contained in the whole products themselves. For additional flavor you can use colorful bouquet of spices, including lemon, garlic, chilies, hot capsicum, ground paste raw nuts.

Low Fat Diet

Stage 3. Drawing a balanced style of eating.

This is a long-term strategy. Without long-term changing of the eating habits, the familiar yo-yo effect will be observed. Here we talk about the animal products: milk, eggs, meats.

The style is always individual, but there are some basic rules:

– About 75% of the total consumed food should be RAW plant foods

– Combine animal food only with raw vegetables (and not with other animal food)

– Reduce salt to a minimum! Watch out for hidden content (added during manufacture) salt in products. Replace it with spices (no salt in them). When is absolutely needed – use just a pinch of diet salt with reduced sodium (potassium salt – 66% potassium)

– Minimize the addition of extracted fats: oil, olive oil and more. Derived fats outside the tissue of the nuts, seeds, olives, are difficult to degrade and they accumulate in the body. Use the whole nuts and seeds instead: ground nut paste – for the preparation of dressings, incl. with raw egg yolk, avocados, desalted olives (pureed in unsalted pesto). Real butter is allowed – 30 g per day. All of these fats are neutral. Those may be added in any foods, but after the food is thermally cooked. (These fats should not be treated with heat.)

– Avoid processed foods: e.g bread (replace it with cereals or home made bread), bakery products and addictive foods such as chips

– Do not be afraid of sweets with low GI: dried fruits, home-made candy (made from crushed nuts, dates, cocoa, etc.). The standard dark chocolate is also neutral: up to 100 g per day. Sugary foods are eaten always alone, not mixed with others.

Low Fat Diet

After about a month you can repeat the steps in a shortened version – e.g. reduction program for 7 days and feeding for 2 days. If you follow the reduction program up to 3 days, you do not need to perform feeding. Throughout the diet you can supplement yourself with VemoHerb® Guggulsterone. It normalizes your metabolism during the diet not allowing its speed to drop down. Thus more weight is lost.

For more information read How to supplement yourself properly.

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