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4 truths for effective supplementation

4 truths for effective supplementation

A very old Chinese legend says that the disease is on the ground, as are the herbs that they can heal it.

Once upon a time there was an old herbalist, who had disciples. Once he took them to the mountain and ordered them to bring him any grass with no healing effect. At the end of the day all the students went home with a few plants except one student. On the third day that student came back very tired his hands were empty. ” I am sorry, teacher – he said – but I could not find any grass that does not cure a disease.” Rejoiced, the old teacher replied: “Do not be sad, just you managed to pass the exam.”

Because of the long and busy day today, we rarely think about the pharmacy in our garden. Nature has given us all the remedies which a person needs. Let’s now how to use them!

VemoHerb products are not drugs!

With supplements, you do not treat the symptoms in the way the drugs do. Instead, you will boost the body’s natural forces to maintain a healthy shape and heal itself by itself.

1. Listen to the voice of Nature and to the voice of Your Nature’s needs!

Your body is talking to you. It is telling you what it needs. Sometimes the signs are clear, sometimes are not so obvious. I am thirsty, I am hungry – everyone feels that. Have you ever wondered why one person drinks barely 1-2 glasses per day while another drinks 2-3 liters of water per day. Both of them are of the same age, the same physical structure but one needs almost 10 times less water that the other and that is not a positive accomplishment. The truth is simple. The first one has systematically and continuously denuded his body, he/she drained their organism from the early childhood. There are receptors and other systems in the body that detect a decreased volume or an increased osmolite concentration. Not providing enough quantity of liquids makes their receptors not so sensitive to the need of water. In adults over the age of 50 years, the body’s thirst sensation reduces and continues diminishing with age, putting this population at increased risk of dehydration. More water. Drink more water. Everything begins with water.

I am at work. I have a headache. After you’ve been doing intensive brain work for 8 hours, you may feel some headache. It happens when you live in an overcrowded polluted city and you overwork. When you feel the first signs of initial headache, just stop what you are doing and rest for at least 10 minutes, or 30 minutes or just stop working for the day. It will save you a whole night of misery existence. Your headache is a natural stopper of overworking yourself which can result in some more serious health conditions. Do no fight with your tiredness.

Do not try to overcome your headache. If you tired, just rest. I get bored. I fidget. Go outside and run, or jump, or bike or walk. As simple as that. You body needs to move. If you are typing at a computer for some hours, when you stand up your erst instinct is to stretch. Do you know why? The human body is designed to move. There is no way to tell you how much you should move or how you should move right. But if you stop moving your body or you do not do it often, over the time your body loses its ability to move. That’s why you body is giving you signals – it needs to move. And just to stand up and stretch. That is a signal for a more intense movements. Muscles should be trained and rested. If not they become tight, resulting in the chronic “tension” which befalls people who don’t move their body. Everything that you feel has its own reason. Listen to your body!

2. Take supplements regularly as they act slowly, cumulatively.

It takes some time to feel the effect of the natural supplementation. If you expect fast results, those are not for you. Yet, if you want to improve your general health status in a positive direction and improve your sport performance and physics in an absolutely safe way, you should be patient and let the herbs accumulate in your body and do their work.

3. Herbal supplements do not work alone – you have to work with them!

If you are on a low-calorie diet, your metabolism slows down which is a normal and a very adequate reaction of your wonderful organism aimed to compensate for the shortage of calories. But if your aim is to lose weight, then the organism is not on you side. It will do whatever is possible to keep the normal state of you body (i.e. not to lose weight). And the results are not exactly as you expected. Usually, people who have problems with their weight are people with slow metabolism.

During the diet, the metabolism slows down even more. That means, if your body normally functions with 2000 kilo calories a day, when you start a diet, your body’s energy consumption needs falls down to 1500, even 1000 kilo calories. In order to loose weight you should provide less energy to your body that it needs for the daily functions, and then it starts using its reserves. But what if your body initially needed 2000 calories a day, you start a diet, then it satisfies its needs with less, without loosing any weight. In that scenario, even if you eat less, you do not loose weight proportionally to the food intake.

What is worse is that you risk getting more weight after you stop the diet and starts eating normally. That is because once the organism has switched to a lower energy consumption (let’s say 1000 kilo calories), once you start eating as usual (2000 kilo calories) and it needs actually less, and after the stress because of the diet, it is so normal and natural to start accumulating reserves.

Do you know how to supplement yourself properly?

That’s why the ayurvedic medicine use the extract of Guggulsterone (Cammiphora Mukul) for obesity (and for other healing purposes). It helps your metabolism to be stable even in case of prolonged diet when the organism normally slows down its metabolism in order to compensate for the shortage of calories. If you supplement yourself with VemoHerb Guggulsterone during the diet your metabolism will be normalized to the levels as it is not on the diet, ie it helps your body lose fat during a low calorie diet. It also helps your organism keep stable levels of metabolic rates after you stop the diet. It is a great supplement to be used when you are on a diet. But you have to be on a diet. You and the supplement should work together in order to get the desired results.

If you take VemoHerb EKA, know that this supplement burns fat quickly only in conjunction with the dispute. Do not give your money away – Exercise! Anyway EKA energizes you – make the most of our formula!

VemoHerb Ginkgo Hypericum is a combination of very very old and famous herbs – Ginkgo biloba and St. John’s wort, taken hundreds of years to improve brain and nerve disorders: Ginkgo Hypericum helps if you smile before each intake – that is the secret ingredient we couldn’t add.

4. Eat healthy! Smile! Exercise! Walk in nature!

Take the most vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants naturally (fruits, vegetables), keep your body healthy and help it heal itself with quality food and natural supplements.

Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

 Lorita Ilieva