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Combining VemoHerb Dietary Supplements

Combining VemoHerb Dietary Supplements

Nowadays, dietary supplements play an important role in our healthy diet and lifestyle.

They aid to support our organisms by supplementing the missing micro and macronutrients, thus activating and promoting our health, and helping for a better physical and emotional status.

Although dietary supplements can by produced by synthetic or natural sources, they are generally divided in two categories – having one active substance, or containing a combined formula of two or more active substances.

Characteristics of the combined dietary supplements

The main advantages of the combined dietary supplements are two: they have greater range of action and higher activity. The combined formulas, offered by VemoHerb, always provide for a synergic effect of the active substances, which enhance and improve the properties of the separate medicinal herbs.

  • VemoHerb Ginkgo Hypericum –  enhances concentration, supports normal brain activity and restful sleep – combined formula from dry extracts from Ginkgo Biloba and Hypericum Perforatum;
  • VemoHerb Tribulus Cichorium – supports the overall health in cases of general weakness and exhaustion – combined formula of dry extracts from Tribulus terrestris and Cichory;
  • VemoHerb ЕKА – supports fat burning process, stamina and endurance – natural alternative to the combination Ephedrine/Caffeine/Acylpyrin – a complex mixture of Caffeine anhydrous/dry extract from Citrus aurantium/dry extract from White Willow bark;
  • VemoHerb Men’s formula – enhances sexual desire and libido – combined formula from Yohimbe, Ginkgo Biloba and Nettle Root;

Benefits of combining dietary supplements:

The pros of combined formulas are actually due to the precise blend of active substances. They supply the organism with the missing micro and macro substances at the exact time, concentration and dose. The combined formulas are selected in such a way that the separate active substances not only do not interfere on each other’s effect and absorption, but also benefit each other.

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