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The impact of microwaves on water and the Earth

The impact of microwaves on water and the Earth

Radio frequency radiation (pulsed radiation) is the subject of a controversial research for more than 20 years. Thousands of studies and scientific papers demonstrate the harmful effects of this radiation on humans, animals and plants. The industry still claims that mobile phones are harmless. The manufacturers of the microwave ovens claim that food cooked in them is healthy. It is high time people to realize that the natural electromagnetic grid and the water balance of the Earth and all living organisms is massively disrupted by the technical microwave radiation, with all the visible consequences, such as illnesses, deforestation and global warming. The following article is to better understand the influence of technical radiation on water.

The impact of the microwaves on the water and the Earth

Which are the most important tasks of water?

1. Water is used for information transfer.

The source of all information for Nature is the Sun. Water and air are the information carriers. The Nature information system operates on the basis of the two forces: magnetism (+) and electricity (-). Each of the trillions of cells of your body bathes in water. Countless messages are sent every second from cell to cell and water is the mediator. Our blood consists of 92% water, our brain is 90% water. A single water molecule consists of a negatively charged oxygen atom (O) and two positively charged hydrogen atoms (H) and if it would be alone, because of the low molecular size conditions, at room temperature it is gaseous. It is the combination of several molecules in a cluster structure that makes the water in liquid form. This is due to the hydrogen bonds – the vital, electromagnetic bonds between the water molecules. In plain English, this means: “Without the hydrogen bonding, water would be gaseous, and we would have no life on Earth”

Water cluster structures are able to store information. The cluster structures are not static compounds, they are in a vibrant, and constantly changing condition, depending on the recorded information and energy. Under the influence of healthy and natural electromagnetic field of the Earth, the individual water molecules work in a perfectly organized team. The water’s dipole and the salt content in every living organism allows an electro-magnetic conductivity. Another fact is that in any healthy water there is healthy microbiology with intelligent micro-organisms living in dependence of the electromagnetically stable structures and hydrogen bonding. If the bond becomes unstable or even destroyed, the microbiology gets out of balance and the water becomes stale, sluggish and begins to rot. It loses power, energy, and the ability of precise and fast information transfer. 

The impact of the microwaves on the water and the Earth

2. Water budget provides energy.

80% of our daily life energy in our water metabolism (hydrolysis) is provided at each of the cell membrane.

3. Water keeps the metabolic processes upright.

In order for this metabolic processes to take place, the body must have the ability to store and transmit information. This is predominantly via the information carrier water.

4. Water serves as a binder for cell structures.

5. Water ensures that waste and toxins are removed.

The impact of the microwaves on the water and the Earth

How does the interconnected system of communication in nature work?

Our autonomic nervous system and all related seven glands are directly related to energy and information exchange with the surrounding light from the sun and air, and water is the storage element. The 7 glands are the sluices through which the body fluids, like blood, intra-and extracellular water, cerebrospinal fluid, seminal fluid, and amniotic fluid communicate with the environment.

The ground water in cooperation with the trees and plants of the earth, the rivers, the oceans, the oil in the deeper layers of the earth and the water-containing atmosphere are the body fluids of our planet and make an impressive functioning grid that represents how all living forms communicate. Thanks to this network, the person is able to build relationships and conversations, to feel the nature. The body fluids of all living beings are in resonance with the electromagnetic field of the Earth.

The construction plan on our bodies is based on the Creator perfectly-organized system, and one of the most important elements for the maintenance of this system is water, living water, with a stable structure and healthy microbiology. Whales, dolphins and many sea creatures use the medium of water to communicate. Trees halt the balance between the internal water circuit (ground water) and the outer-atmospheric cycle upright by means of water. Trees communicate with their environment via water.

Technical microwaves as a cause of global warming?

The electromagnetic waves (transmission power) produce an unnatural heat which is transferred to the surrounding air molecules, and the atmospheric water. Thus, the air movement is accelerated. Due to the continuous radiation, the early morning temperature output value is already higher without sunlight. A warmer atmosphere leads to a stronger water cycle, because warmer air masses take more water vaporing on. This is additionally supported by the influence of the technical radiation on the hydrogen bonding in a very dangerous way, because water is in gaseous form by the dissolution of hydrogen bonds.

The result is an increased evaporation rate of our fresh and salt water on Earth and a massive disturbance of the atmospheric water and air flows. An increased amount of water in the atmosphere and increased air movement, with ever-increasing storms, floods and rains are the consequences. This messes up additionally the informational and communicational network, the cooling and heating of the Earth. The trees play a crucial role in regulation of all water, cooling and heating cycles. 50% of global green skin of the Earth have been destroyed since the beginning of industrialization.

The remaining trees are inter alia getting sicker and sicker by the increasing artificial radiation, for which the following quotes indicate: “deciduous and coniferous trees are ideal microwave antennas. Intermediate forest is dying and high-frequency radiation is a clear reason “(Dr.- Ing. W. Volkrodt, former Siemens manager, 1990). “The needles and leaves of our trees are like little antennas and respond to the weakest high-frequency radiation.” (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günter Käs, Univ. Bundeswehr, Neubiberg 1992) Without trees, there is no ground, no water, no industry and no life. Back in 1994 Klaus-Peter Kolbatz (4), made the German Government aware of the harmful effects of microwave radiation on the climate. Technologically produced high frequency, digital pulsed microwaves destroy the electromagnetic grid and the water balance of the Earth.

The impact of the microwaves on the water and the Earth

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