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Ecdysterone – a powerful food supplement

Ecdysterone – a powerful food supplement

VemoHerb® Ecdysterone is based on the plant Leuzea, and is most often used for fast muscle growth and strength. The properties of the food supplement can be attributed to the highly purified Leuzea extract with content of 95% beta ecdysterone. It can be used as an anabolic stimulator, an adaptogen and a biostimulator.

The phytoecdysterones, which are part of the group of protein stimulators support the muscle growth and strength and increase protein synthesis. They influence positively the metabolism of carbohydrates and nucleic acids, by supporting the glycogen synthesis and increase its reserves in the body. Thus, muscle growth is supported, which helps maintain a positive effect on the stability, reflexes and concentration of athletes. This is the reason why ecdysterone is regarded as a food supplement that shows a strong positive effect on people that want to gain fast muscle strength and growth.

The food supplement Ecdysterone, manufactured by VemoHerb® is used during heavy physical and mental loads, by people susceptible to exhaustion and with recovery due to exhaustion from exercise. For people actively training, the additive positively influences the endurance, the reflexes and physical condition of athletes, without any side effects on the cardiovascular and immune systems.

During the Second World War in 1942, Russia started developing different formulas to be applied on the battlefield, with the aim of quick healing of wounds and replenishing the energy of their soldiers. During one of the many expeditions in Siberia, the scientists found a miraculous herb called by the natives “deer root”. After a comprehensive and thorough study of the herb and after vigorous research in the lab, the Russian military decided to include the extract from the root in the standard issue field medical kit for the soldiers.

Historically, the Siberian healers have known ecdysterone for centuries. they called it “deer root”, because during the mating season the deer eat the herb to recover after their long and intense fights for the attention of females. Ancient healers also used the herb against fatigue, to restore energy after exhaustion and to support the sexual function.

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