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Heavy Metal / Medicine Detox

Heavy Metal / Medicine Detox

Detoxification and purification are fundamental to have a healthy, vibrant and energetic body with stable immunity. Only pure body has the ability to extract maximum vitamins and minerals from the food intake. Contaminated body is unable to function properly as it is blocked by waste products. This often leads to many diseases, which consequences we need to heal. The regular cleaning of the body is necessity. There are many prerequisites for it – environmental pollution, poor in nutrients and gone through a lot of processing foods, and filled with stress and tension life. And these factors inevitably reflect on the health of our body.

When you want to cleanse your body, you have to stick to the consumption of three basic food groups – fruits, vegetables and whole grains and fiber.

Start your detoxifying day taking a grapefruit. The enzymes that accelerate metabolism which it contains are perfect for this. The needed fibers can easily be found in apples. From the fruits the most cleansing effect have the cherries. They act especially cleansing on the kidneys, gall and liver. Detoxifying effect have freshly squeezed fruit juices, and especially those of pomegranate and cranberries.

Another digestive aid is the grated fresh ginger which is added to juices, soups and dishes. The root with a slightly spicy flavor is full of antioxidants that will pump toxins out of you. Ginger contains a resource that enhances detoxification and is a good source of magnesium.

Foods with similar to its effect are Brussels sprouts and leeks, as they contain a lot of vitamin C, fiber and other nutrients. So it is better that they are also included in the purifying regime.

One of the most popular methods for purification of the body is not only the observance of a diet but also drinking plenty of fluids along with it. Except large quantities of drinking water, satisfactory results could be achieved with the consumption of a number of teas. Suitable are the green, known for its antioxidant properties, the one from the herb senna (Cassia senna L) – acting as laxative and purgative, mint and more.

Another important factor for a healthy and purified body is exercise because through the sweat secreted by the body when practicing a sport, a significant number of toxins is also discarded.

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