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Health benefits of the remedial plant Geranium sanguineum


Remedial plants are characterized by their numerous beneficial compounds and essential oils, which have been used for promoting human health for centuries.

One such plant is the Bloody Geranium, or Geranium sanguineum. Both its leaves and its roots have been shown to have numerous benefits for the overall health of the organism. The above-the-ground part of the flower is a good source of essential oils that can be successfully used to diminish scars from the skin. The roots have active compounds effective in suppressing excessive bleeding, conjunctivitis, retinal disorders and hemorrhoids. Also, the roots can support the inhibition of harmful microorganisms, and have the ability to relieve symptoms of diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome. In general, the Bloody Geranium is a herb that can be used by humans in many directions, so that we support our healthy bodies:


Stress Relief: There is a long history in the use of Geranium for supporting the nervous system. The plant contains a bouquet of organic compounds and chemicals, which have a positive effect on the endocrine system and aid in balancing the hormones in cases of stress and anxiety.

Anti-inflammatory Properties: Another commonly used health application is as an inflammation relief for the body. If you have feelings of sore joints or muscle aches the use of Geranium can quickly alleviate this discomfort and reduce tension on the sensitive areas of your body.

Pain Relief: The Bloody Geranium has become a popular traditional remedy for headaches and other injuries. Research has shown that the herb can be highly beneficial in cases of chronic pain or migraines, since it can release endorphins and relieve pain fairly quickly.

Kidney Health: Although the complete mode of action is still unclear, research shows that the herb contains some substances that can improve kidney health and support urination. This, in turn, aids in detoxifying the body and eliminating unhealthy salts, fats and water. Thus, the kidney tension can be reduced, and the toxins may be prevented from distributing to other parts of the body.

Aid for the immune system: Since the herb has natural antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties, it can be used as a great relief of the cold and flu if you feel unwell. Geranium can help feed your body with antibacterial compounds that will boost your immune system and help speed up recovery from various illnesses.

Digestion: In addition to all of the above, this amazing herb can be used in the fight against stomach problems. If you feel spasms, bloating or if you have a generally upset stomach, this can be one of the most beneficial herbs you can take, in order to support your organism.

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