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Bio herbal extracts in dietary supplements

Throughout the past decades, the demand for ecologically clean products is extremely increasing. In Bulgaria bio agriculture finds application in the business industry. In most of the shops you can find a section with natural bio products. In that way, the commercial shops are trying to attract more customers, willing to restrict the use of unhealthy food.

The aim to increase the production of herbs and herbal extracts is gaining further interest – more and more areas have started growing herbs. Our country has plenty of agricultural fields, which are not affected by pollution, making them completely suitable to grow ecologically clean products.

Herbalism is gaining huge popularity with each year. As there is a remarkable variety of herbs, one should make their own choice how to take them – either in their standard form (whole herbs), or in the form of herbal extract.

Whole herbs are normally getting dried before consumption. They contain all the beneficial compounds present in the herb and have been used in different cultures for years. At the beginning, modern medicine has been inspired exactly by them. Herbs’ properties have been thoroughly studied and the knowledge been transferred from generation to generation.

On the other hand, herbal extracts contain most of the active ingredients present in the herb. They are standardized and the concentrations of active ingredients are normally expressed as percentage ratios.

Most herbs can be successfully applied for more than one purpose. We (Vemo 99 Ltd) can guarantee that the herbs we use, in order to produce our extracts are grown in ecologically clean areas, which provides for the high quality products that we manufacture.
Our dietary supplements are based on herbal extracts, that we manufacture ourselves. They can be made from one specific herb, or can contain a special mixture of rare herbal plants, where both options benefit the organism.

VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus
VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus

For example, our famous dietary supplement  contains extract from Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris. This product stimulates sex hormone synthesis in a completely natural way, extremely enhances strength, lean muscle mass, libido and potency.

VemoHerb Yohimbe
VemoHerb Yohimbe

Another dietary supplement that provides for better sexual functions, as well as fat burning is VemoHerb Yohimbe. It contains dry extract from the bark of Pausinystalia Yohimbe. The active ingredient in the extract is yohimbine, which acts as a blocker of the α-receptors that slow down fat oxidation, so VemoHerb Yohimbe intake significantly facilitates fat burning. It provides for better blood circulation in the whole body, and activates the part of the spine that is responsible for male erectile functions

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