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Natural foods and herbs for the Immune System

Natural foods and herbs for the Immune System

Strengthen your immune system and stay healthy

The immune system tends to be the frontline security of humans to counter infections caused by bacteria, viruses and different microorganisms. The strength and efficiency of your immune system and its promptness to defend various germs determine if you are about to develop any physical complication or not. To safeguard yourself, there are numbers of options and steps that you can choose to keep your physical resistance healthy, sound and powerful. Maintaining of the daily workout session, sound sleep, healthy lifestyle are some of these important steps that aid a lot to immunity system.

Nonetheless, there are some natural herbs, which can help you great to support your immune system. However, prior to adding these herbs in the routine, it is important to know something more about herbalism. In fact, there are numbers of herbal supplements that we intake in medication form. Since, our personal activities and actions are inadequate to keep our immune system in order the necessity of certain herbal supplements becomes crucial. To take care of resistance system, some natural herbs perform as wonderful supplements and are globally acknowledged.

Green tea
An extensive research organized at the laboratory of Nutritional Immunology at Tuft University Boston reveals that the green tea contains an active ingredient referred to as epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCG. The antioxidant compounds of EGCG are extremely supportive to boost the health of immune system. In addition, the ingredients of EGCG are also helpful to care the damaged cells and organs while it works as an excellent defender against inflammation within our body. You can intake 2-3 cups of green tea/day to strengthen your immunity.

This powerful Chinese herb works great in the interior part of our immune system. According to UMM refers to the University of Maryland, the track record as well the history of Astragalus to maintain our immunity system as well as bloodstream is simply wonderful.

The potent supplement of this cone flower motivates the production of W.B.C. in a human body. We are aware that white blood cells are the chief defenders of immunity system.

Garlic has a unique infection-fighting ability and works effective against attack of bacteria, fungi or viruses. It is also used as a healing supplement to support the cardiovascular system to remain steady.

Among the top immune system supporting ingredients this plenteous amino acid available in our body assists in building of healthy cells and prevents us from viruses, microorganisms and bacteria.

The antioxidant compounds of Vitamin A protect us from dreading cancer and help to maintain eye health. Vitamin B works great to maintain healthy nerves and keeps our spinal nerves system in order. In fact, functions of steady nervous systems and its effective communication with brain as well as spinal cord are significant to keep the immune system effective. Vitamin C has a great contribution in production of the immunologic protein, anti-stress hormones and interferon. Vitamin E contains 8 excellent antioxidant compounds and likely to be the powerhouse of our immune system. We can acquire all these supplements in different forms while they are considered as one of the best to protect our immunity.

Co-Enzyme Q10
The supplement has a close relationship with vitamin E and stimulates our immunity system to remain steady.

Antioxidative herbal supplements
There are herbs with very strong antioxidative properties. The antioxidants usually exhibit the oxidation of the molecule. Although the oxidation is a normal process it might be rather damaging. The oxidation is the reason for ageing.  Here is an explanation how the antioxidants help in time not getting sick by keeping the immune system in healthy state: The free radicals released during the oxidation damage the immune cells. Then they knock out the cytokine pathways (communication between immune cells). And also, they interfere the delicate balance of the macrophage. Macrophage is a huge cell that releases their own free radical to destroy viruses and bacteria. But if there is no balance of the free radicals they might destroy the macrophage themselves. So in order to boost your immune system, you need to load up on antioxidants to fight the free radicals.

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