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Gall / Liver/ Kidney

Gall / Liver/ Kidney

Nutrition for diseased gallbladder

Every fourth inhabitant of the planet has gallbladder problems. Some of the people do not even suspect for their health problem. This is because the symptoms are frequently confused with those of gastritis, increased acidity, heaviness in the stomach, etc.   When you find that you have a sick gall you are still able to avoid surgery. The existence of problems and gallstones do not always impose this type of treatment unless the walls are already inflamed. The first thing you need to change is your diet.   In order to understand why the diet is so important for the gall, you should know what it is and how it function. The gall is connected with the liver via common bile duct. The fucntion of the gallbladder is to contain and concentrate the bile produced by the liver. The bile is used to process the fats in the digestive system. The more fats we eat, the more bile should be produced.   Gallbladder disease may start especially when we eat unproperly. To treat and prevent the diagnosis sick gall, we must know how and what to eat.

First look for supplements that have in their composition selenium, molybdenum, zinc and copper, choline and methionine. They contribute for the regulation of the metabolism of fats. Take vitamin C in any form.

Fresh fruits and vegetables should be a mandatory component in every meal, both in healthy and in sick people.   Main foods in your diet should be the artichoke and the beet- they have a beneficial effect on the function of bile.

Cabbage, broccoli, kale – very important nutritional values when there are problems with the bile.

Apricots – they have the most favorable influence of all fruits. Stimulate the purification of the kidneys, and reduce the risk of developing infections.

The grape is a good source of antioxidants. It is ideal for purifying the blood and is rich in vitamins of B group and potassium. Acting energizing on the body.

The lemons are one of the richest in vitamin C fruits as we all know.

Parsley – good for improving digestion. Significantly reduces the inflammation process.
Celery – support blood circulation and has a great effect on cleansing.
Onion – has a major role to detoxify the liver, helps in the disposal of fluids.

Permitted foods: fresh skimmed milk (best from cows), freshly prepared curd, dietetic curd, well desalinated cheese, fresh curdled yoghurt, fresh renneted cheese. The allowed meats are from rabbit, veal, lean beef, lamb – boiled or baked in the oven or grill, broiler chicken, lean young hen, lean river fish (barbel, maple, young carp taranka, bleak, perch, trout, pike, rudd – mainly boiled or grilled). Do not fry the meats! Actually, no fired food is allowed. Also allowed are egg whites, vegetable salad oils – sunflower, olive.   All other foods should be avoided.

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