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First-hand professional experience with VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus – the real benefits proficiently explained.

VemoHerb_Bulgarian_Tribulus quality vs quantity

Mr Rob Regish is a personal coach in the USA, who has authored half a dozen books on the topic of physical culture, and have a keen interest in sports nutrition. Below you can see his professional opinion about our top-selling product VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus.


Over the past 25 years I’ve been using them, only a handful of Tribulus terrestris extracts have stood out. This piece is about the latest (and perhaps greatest) product that has impressed me, VemoHerb’s Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris


For reference sake, I’m an (almost) 50 year old male who’s been an avid follower of sports nutrition products. One of those was Tribulus terrestris, a herb with purported testosterone and libido boosting properties. If you look at the product’s history, it’s one of the few that have stood the test of time. People keep buying it for a reason: They’re getting noticeable effects. That doesn’t go for all brands though, just the very top tier that standardize their product for the active ingredients. In that regard, Vemo’s Bulgarian Trib really excels, being standardized for 60% furostanol saponins. It is these furostanol saponins that are responsible for Trib’s many benefits, so Vemo’s attention to standardization is key.

With that premise, I arranged for a particular experiment: I took 2 caps in the AM with my morning protein shake, and 2 caps in the evening with my main meal Monday through Friday – with weekends off. It’s my belief that this prevents the body from adapting to its many beneficial effects. 

And as you’ll soon see, those go far, far beyond boosting testosterone.


Evidence for Tribulus terrestris‘ ability to boost testosterone is conflicting, although as you’ll find that’s likely due to lower quality products containing no active ingredients. No active ingredients, no results! Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about this with Vemo’s product for reasons already mentioned. Although I’ve had labs done in the past showing up to a 55% increase in test over 28 days with a quality Trib product, I decided to perform a different experiment in this case.  

Because unbeknownst to many, training intensely puts you at risk for something called Rhabdomyolosis. This involves damaging muscle to such a degree that the kidneys can’t filter the dead tissue out fast enough. If you don’t get immediate medical attention, you can go into kidney failure or worse, die. And the fact of the matter is this: Every day that ticks by you grow more susceptible. Don’t think it can happen to you? Think again. 

More and more athletes are showing up in emergency rooms around the globe*. And I’m here to tell you, Vemo’s Bulgarian Trib can help prevent it..


For this experiment, I kept all parameters constant: Training, diet, other supplements used, sleep duration and quality. The only difference was the addition of 4 capsules/day of Vemo’s Trib. Just prior to beginning, I had baseline bloodwork run showing a Creatine Kinase level of 1400. For reference, creatine kinase (or CK) is the value doctors and hospitals use to determine if you have Rhabdo. Although the “normal” values are 0-200, athletes are known to run higher. One thing’s for certain though: The higher CK goes, the worse it gets for you, your kidneys and sadly, your family and friends that really care about you. 

So I was really hoping Vemo’s Trib could make a difference. I didnt’ need to wait long…

Approximately 30 days later, my CK levels were down to 800 – a full 600 points lower than when I started. This effect isn’t undocumented. Indeed, this study** was the impetus for me wanting to try Vemo’s Trib for this purpose. 

When compared to others in this study getting a placebo, Tribulus lowered CK levels a whopping 1,000 points!! Little wonder then I recovered faster while on the stuff. It really made a noticeable difference…

Exercise + Placebo  Exercise + Tribulus Terrestris
Creatine Kinase Level (U/L) 2,719 1,591

 Result: a difference of 1,128 U/L



Objectively then, I think we can agree Tribulus can positively modulate several values critical to your success. Increases in testosterone ranging from 12-30%, an 20% increase in IGF-1 expression and increase in Nitric Oxide/heart health have all been documented***. In fact, much of the research on Trib is related to improving coronary function. And as you can see below, it increases good cholesterol and decreases bad cholesterol. So if you’re using “other” stuff I’d tell you Vemo’s Trib would be a fantastic adjunct to that too. 

Subjectively, I had a big jump in libido while on this stuff. Since its furostanol saponins have been associated with improved blood flow, you can expect firmer erections as well. You’ll also find you get a better pump while using it, given those same saponins have been associated with greater nitric oxide release. So no need for “NO2” products while using Vemo’s Trib. It really does a nice job covering all the bases…



Vemo’s Bulgarian Tribulus is an excellent product for MANY things. In fact, it’s such a well rounded product I’d consider it a staple, especially for people over the age of 35. If you’re interested in a better libido, faster recovery, greater anaerobic work capacity, better pumps in the gym and a better sense of well being, Vemo’s Tribulus is for you!!

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