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First-hand experience with Guggulsterone

A detailed customer review of Gergan’s experience with VemoHerb Guggulsterone.

“Basically, I’ve been keenly interested in food and herbal supplements for several years till now. An year ago I hadn’t heard about company VemoHerb, but I found on the net a few good reviews for your products and then I decided to try some.

The first one I bought was Guggulsterone. I recall that I felt the effect  from the first capsule: strengthening thermogenesis, stronger heartbeat. I definitely felt it works. But then I get some more capsules and stopped taking it.

After a few months I thought about it and decided to continue the course but this time the effect was not so strong. Apparently, long storage time and the fact that the bottle was staying opened  are the reason. Otherwise, for me the product is working and yesterday I even order it again. This time I hope to give it a better chance to manifest its effect.


With Regards, Gergan!”

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