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High quality is professional

Most bodybuilding champs go for a career in the dietary supplements business and start their own brand. Have you asked yourself why is that so? It is not that they are specialists in the field, but it is just the only thing they can profit from, using their reputation. With my deepest respect and admirations to all those celebrities, as we have been working with many bodybuilding champs through the years, they are not the real specialists and scientists who are able to develop a premium quality product. I do not say they do not want to, but unfortunately the truth is that it is just beyond their control and professional expertise. Although they can probably adjust the best formula as they are specialists in which ingredients are working, they do not have control on the best raw materials, because they do not produce them themselves. They do not have the experience how to make the best phytochemical evaluation. This is a game for other professionals!

After all, they did become famous bodybuilding champions, using supplements of other brands – as their brand was created later on. Have you ever thought about it?

You must trust the real old names in this industry. Those are the real people who develop and set the trends in the right direction. The seasoned biochemists, experts and scientists who develop the new ingredients and provide them to the sportsmen.

The car racer, has not invented the car, right? The mechanic is the one who created and built the car! As much as the mechanic is not able to be as a racer as the champion, is the same as the racer cannot be as good mechanic! Both of them are just different professionals!!!

Only the few companies closing the production cycle from the very raw material to the end product are able to maintain the complete quality control in every particular stage of the production! Why?! Because they are the only ones who know how to do it from A-Z!

Just think about this whenever you purchase your next shiny supplement named on the next superstar, smiling back from the package!

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