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Leuzea – a dietary supplement for energy, power and tonus

Leuzea – a dietary supplement for energy, power and tonus

Spring fatigue makes you feel exhausted, without any tonus and desire to do anything. Most probably a nice rest would be good for you. You probably have the intention to go on a vacation but if you already were on a vacation, you are going to need something else to make you feel better. So, you can try our dietary supplement VemoHerb Ecdysterone.
The extract from Leuzea is used as anabolic stimulator, adaptogen and bio-stimulant.  It is suitable not only for sportsmen who need power during their training sessions, but also for those who need to adapt to the highly stressful daily situations and want to strengthen their organism.

The active ingredients of the Leuzea are the so-called ecdysterones. The ecdysterones are plant steroids that support the overall condition of the organism and increase its physical abilities.

The use of the Leuzea extract will help you to regain your strength quickly after systematic exhaustion.

The Leuzea does not have any side effects, it supports the concentration, eliminates anxiety from stressful situations and helps to overcome low confidence.

You can take the Leuzea extract when:

  • You want faster muscle growth
  • As a supporting supplement to recover after intense exercise
  • The stress is “killing” you and you want to quickly overcome stress and exhaustion
  • The stress has negatively affected your libido. By taking Leuzea you are going to stimulate your potency.
  • The stress and exhaustion also may lead to bad digestion which leads to worsening the overall condition of the organism.
  • The dietary supplement VemoHerb Ecdysterone has positive effect and supports the liver as well.

Leuzea extract supports the overall health and help you overcome the exhaustion and apathy in a natural way.

Why would you take exactly the Leuzea extract?
You could take Leuzea in the form of tea but in this way, you are going to spend more time for preparation and storage. You cannot be sure about the exact quantity of the herb and you cannot be certain that you are going to have the same concentration in the tea prepared at home.

For this reason, we recommend that you take our extract from Leuzea.

The extract is gained from the plant Leuzea carthamoides and is standardized to 95% beta-ecdysterone. The extraction is done in a specialized biochemical laboratory which guarantees the precise dosage in each capsule. We offer an entirely natural, easily absorbed extract that will make you feel energetic, in a good mood and it will stimulate your muscle growth.

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