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Nutrition and the proper selection of dietary supplements

Nutrition and the proper selection of dietary supplements

healthy balanced dietThe perfect method to build muscle mass while burning fat is a specially selected healthy balanced diet. This goal can be achieved through combining workouts with suitable food. Since there are many concepts for a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary to make informed choices based on your preferences. Combining workouts, healthy nutrition and high-quality dietary supplements is the expressway to building muscle mass while reducing body fat.
If you are determined to eat healthy, it is important to implement certain changes to your eating habits:


  • important to implement certain changes to your eating habitsFood difficult to digest, should be replaced with more lenient food
  • You should eat six times a day, while avoiding overeating – less food but more often
  • Protein sources, preferably eggs, meat, poultry and fish should be included in your menu. As a general rule the amount of protein needed for the body is 2.5 – 3 g per kilogram body weight.
  • Your diet should also include plenty fruits and vegetables, and at once a day they should be raw
  • Your new diet should also include cereals and legumes that are rich in fiber, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins
  • For strong bones, it is imperative to include dairy foods rich in calcium in your menu.
  • You should also increase your water intake – the recommended daily dose is 1.5 l.- 2, while during the summer period this can increase

Keeping in mind that the key to a healthy diet is a balanced menu, one has to select so as to procure the above mentioned foods. It is also necessary to maintain a well hydrated body because strenuous exercise leads to dehydration and loss of electrolytes.
In addition to a well balanced healthy diet, as an accent you can also add dietary supplements for building muscle mass and fat – burning. We at VemoHerb are always prepared to offer you the needed high-quality world-class products. For our combined formulas, we always emphasize on the synergistic effects of the different ingredients and improve on the overall performance of the product. VemoHerb select so as to procure the above mentioned foodsEcdysterone stimulates the protein synthesis and thus supports building of lean muscle mass and helps increase stamina. The product contains highly purified active ingredient, 95% beta-ecdysterone derived from the plant Leuzea cathamoides.

VemoHerb Guggulsterone is a dietary supplement that supports metabolism and stimulates the fat burning process in a natural and healthy way. Guggulsteroids are the perfect dietary supplement for anyone seeking a safe and effective way to stimulate the process of losing weight. When our body is subjected to a diet, it reacts to it as a stress factor (an unwanted and unpleasant event) and alters its metabolism, so that the decreased food uptake does not affect our body too much. However when the diet ends, but our body is still in “stress mode” it starts to accumulate reserves (most often in the form of fat) so that the next time it experiences “unpleasant conditions” – i.e. a diet, it will be ready and will be able to fare better than last time. Consequently, we are subject to the so-called yo-yo effect. The dietary supplement VemoHerb Guggulsterone is based on one of the strongest natural Guggul extracts. It normalizes the metabolism and thus blocks the mechanism of the yo-yo effect and guarantees the long-term results of the diet.
healthy balanced diet, it is best to combine it with physical exercise and workout

To increase the effects of a healthy balanced diet, it is best to combine it with physical exercise and workout. The best workouts are the ones that combine strength exercise with cardio trainings. An important condition is to prepare our muscles for the workout with a thorough warm-up, so that our muscles are ready for the upcoming effort. Usually the recommended length of a cardio workout is about thirty minutes right after the strength exercises. In the gym, you can include deadlifts, leg press, bench press and other appliances depending on the muscle groups that you are training in your workout. Outside of the gym, you can always employ dumbbell lunges, push-ups, squats and pull-ups. In any case your workout should combine, intensive exercise that help build lean muscle mass.

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