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Wild Grown

Bulgaria is blessed with exceptional nature, which is very generous to us.There are more than 4100 higher plants (>700 remedial) and herbs growing in Bulgaria and the country is in 3rd place in the world in herbal diversity. Bulgariais the only country in the European Union that has a special Medicinal Plants Act, because only we collect wild bulls in huge quantities.

Most people assume organic products are the best, right?


First, let’s define Organic vs Wild Grown herbs:

Organic: The plants that are cultivated by natural means on unpolluted land, without using chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. They are grown under ideal conditions and soils for cultivation. They are being taken good care of, treated with organic pesticides, fertilized naturally, waxed when required, etc. Sounds really good, right? Yes, but the natural environmental stress is removed, lowering their benefits.

Wild Grown:These plants are grown wild in nature, without human intervention and harvested after wild crafting guidance. In most cases, they are not certified by any authority.Plants growing in their natural environment face plenty of obstacles, like overly dry or excessively humid conditions, competing other plants, insects, etc. Indeed, this is the actual reason why wild grown herbs turn out to be stronger, with greater variety of active substances, which brings the actual benefits of them.


VEMO 99 Ltd guarantees that the herbs we use, in order to produce our extracts, are grown in ecologically clean areas, which provides for the high-quality products that we manufacture. We always harvest our herbal material from the virgin, clean, idyllic rural regions and in this way the pure natural product is the most biologically clean it can ever be!

At the end of the day, the true question is: What would you personally prefer – artificially cultivated “organic” herb OR grown in nature, harvested from the idyllic mountain regions of our extraordinary country?For us the answer isstraightforward!